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Time Bomb Blast (Series 2) : Finding the right combination of wires.

[The first post, Time Bomb Blast (Series 1), was for understanding the importance of creating category. Today, I would like to further extend the discussion: "Finding your right category" to develop a Time Bomb brand.]

Time Bomb requires right combination of wires.Otherwise, it will blow away YOU rather than your competitors.

Finding the right combination of wires is finding the right category.It’s tricky. It’s sensitive.

If you can’t find the right category, you can’t find the right combination of strategy and execution.

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Time Bomb Blast (Series 1)

If you ask about one of the favorite post of mine, I’ll say  “What The Marketing Is NOT”, where I discussed why “Marketing Sense” is the skill you need to learn before even learning the definition of marketing.

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