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The rules of a great billboard or hoarding


Seth Godin posted a great thought today. So. I thought to share it with you.

The rules of a great billboard is great = cost effective,

here’ re some examples:
1. Next exit
2. EZ off and on
3. Free parking
4. Major thoroughfare
5. Take action NOW!
6. Try Now!
If you’re interested in building your brand trust, just like every good advertising, run them for a very long time and over a wide area. In other words, it’s an act of faith.
By Seth Godin
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How Adsells Advertising can dominate its market leadership?

Adsells Logo

Branding opportunities do not lie in the serving of existing market. Branding opportunities lie in the formation of new market. To make a powerful brand one needs to be first in the market with a new category. Adsells Advertising knows it well.They were first in outdoor advertisement category.(Even if they weren’t.It doesn’t matter! Adsells has positioned it self in the mind of consumer as a leader and that’s what all count in market leadership)

Adsells Advertising is Pakistan’s leading outdoor advertising company. 

If there is any company in Pakistan which did not loose its focus, perhaps it’s only Adsells. 

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