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Linchpin Magazine- Featured Our Meet up And 1000s of Ideas Worth Sharing


It was June 14th, 2010, when world’s first Linchpin Day was held across the world.

These meet ups were compiled in a magazine, called Linchpin Magazine,

a project initiated by Kenny Whitelaw-Jones and foreword by world’s top marketing guru, Seth Godin.

There was a total number of 792 meet ups across the world.

What? Only 792? That’s it?

Perhaps, this number seems too small. How about 5,830 people from 90 countries??

Hmmm, now I’m talking.

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Mirza Bilal Khalid: Selling Strategies from The Only Youngest Branch Manager in the Banking History of Pakistan.

Today I would like to introduce a banker, a genius, Mirza Bilal Khalid, the only youngest branch manager in the banking history of Pakistan.

Bilal is a guy with guts. He makes difference in the life of his client. He sets trend to be followed by his co-workers.  He finds ways to generate business that other couldn’t find.

When everyone fails, Bilal becomes the hope. When there is darkness, Bilal is the ray of light.

He knows how to depend on others and take help of others to become successful in a shorter time. He’s brilliant. He’s genius.

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