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Marketing Sense vs. Common Sense (Part 1/2): (Series 2)

In this cartoon, Kimberly needs your help.

She wants you to help her answering some questions.

Please don’t forget to answer. Please help her out Smile

Cartoon: Marketing Sense vs. Common Sense (Part 1/2)


Following script is enough to explain the idea, Marketing Sense vs. Common Sense:


Eric: Back to your question, what is marketing?

Kimberly: Oh, simple! Marketing is sales, advertising, social media, publicity!

Open Me (to read complete script)

Eric: No! That’s not marketing, for God sake!

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Online Marketing Mastermind- Announcing New Series!

Marketing Cartoon Video
Kimberly & Eric

Summary: Do you want to learn marketing through different innovative ways? Specially, through Marketing Cartoons Video. I call it “Marketube”. (The Only Marketing Cartoon Video)

Many business students have been asking me to teach marketing from very basic through my articles.

I turned down many requests by saying sorry, that i write advanced marketing articles . As everyone was learning fundamentals in universities and business schools, I thought why I’d be doing the same?

But I was wrong…

I was wrong  because mostly students never clearly understand the basic marketing concepts at the first place.

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