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Brand vs. Category: Which One To Create?

Some marketers think, “Create Your Brand.”

Well, they are not wrong either. Yet, they forget what the right way to to do it.

After watching these following videos, you can better decide which way is the right way (Whether, create your brand or create your category)

Step 1: Brand vs. Category: Which One To Create?

Step 2: Why To Create Category, Not Brand?

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Why? Because there’s a good news.

My cartoon has been featured in Famous Bloggers!

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Marketing Definition – Secret Bonus!

Why this Secret Bonus? Because: you can define what marketing is today, but because marketing is always changing, any definition used today might require more comprehensive definition tomorrow!

Cartoon: What is Marketing?: The Bonus Secret Definition

Now Available in HD

Reference book: At this stage, I recommend you to read following book(s).

Yes, you can always ask questions from following books too. The list will keep on increasing with more upcoming posts.

(The more you read, the more you’re capable of generating ideas)

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Online Marketing Mastermind- Announcing New Series!

Marketing Cartoon Video
Kimberly & Eric

Summary: Do you want to learn marketing through different innovative ways? Specially, through Marketing Cartoons Video. I call it “Marketube”. (The Only Marketing Cartoon Video)

Many business students have been asking me to teach marketing from very basic through my articles.

I turned down many requests by saying sorry, that i write advanced marketing articles . As everyone was learning fundamentals in universities and business schools, I thought why I’d be doing the same?

But I was wrong…

I was wrong  because mostly students never clearly understand the basic marketing concepts at the first place.

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