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Linchpins are everywhere. Are you a Linchpin?

Inspired by Seth Godin’s recent post. I thought it would be a great idea to gather all Linchpins in a platform and see what can we learn from one another. What difference can we make!

June 14th, 2010 is a first “Linchpin Day”. There will be meet-ups all over the world.

So, I’ve decided to host this special event on Skype to access every Linchpin in Pakistan. (Let see how much could I count)

I’ll be on Skype to meet everyone, to share ideas and to learn from every one. Come join us (click here).
What is a Linchpin? My friend Jodi explained it well. Read more about Linchpin here.
P.S.: If you don’t have Skype. Download now 
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The only Pakistani featured in the World’s Top Marketing guru’s book!

Who’s that? That’s me!
Now I’ve become, the only Pakistani:

First, I thank to Allah and then mom, dad and my brothers and a sister for supporting me to achieve so many successful “onlies” 🙂

Thanks to my audience to made this blog successful!


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