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Linchpin Magazine- Featured Our Meet up And 1000s of Ideas Worth Sharing


It was June 14th, 2010, when world’s first Linchpin Day was held across the world.

These meet ups were compiled in a magazine, called Linchpin Magazine,

a project initiated by Kenny Whitelaw-Jones and foreword by world’s top marketing guru, Seth Godin.

There was a total number of 792 meet ups across the world.

What? Only 792? That’s it?

Perhaps, this number seems too small. How about 5,830 people from 90 countries??

Hmmm, now I’m talking.

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Linchpin Day, Linchpin Magazine and Our Meet-up (in search of Linchpins)

[Good news for already registered participants. Our coming meet-up has been already featured in Linchpin Magazine’s official website. Check out the brief (and sweet) interview of mine .  
BONUS: This is the only Pakistani meet up, featured in this magazine and did I mention that Linchpin magazine will be forwarded by Seth Godin?]

This will be a private meet-up and by invitation only.

The prerequisite:

It’s about connection and ideas. Participant has to be passionate about learning, sharing ideas and experience, and helping others for free. No sale pitches (Please!)

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Linchpin’s meet-ups are growing at the speed of light, across the world!

Online social network is growing. Suddenly, everyone wants to be connected. Suddenly, people are making their own online personal brands. Suddenly, our friend’s networks are culminating. Study any other time in the human history and we’ll find ourselves having far more friends.

Charles Darwin proves in his book The Origin of Species, growing trees require pruning. So does growing online social networks, to make it stronger and healthier. Once you do the pruning you’re left with “real” friends. These kind of friends will be found on The Linchpin Day, June 14th.

There are real friends and there are strangers.

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Linchpins are everywhere. Are you a Linchpin?

Inspired by Seth Godin’s recent post. I thought it would be a great idea to gather all Linchpins in a platform and see what can we learn from one another. What difference can we make!

June 14th, 2010 is a first “Linchpin Day”. There will be meet-ups all over the world.

So, I’ve decided to host this special event on Skype to access every Linchpin in Pakistan. (Let see how much could I count)

I’ll be on Skype to meet everyone, to share ideas and to learn from every one. Come join us (click here).
What is a Linchpin? My friend Jodi explained it well. Read more about Linchpin here.
P.S.: If you don’t have Skype. Download now 
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