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“Can NOT Do Attitude”: How to Become Successful in a Shorter Time?

You can do it!
“You can do it” is, perhaps, the most over-delivered idea.

Can you save brand, through over investing, if its category is dying?

Can you build a brand by making it known for many ideas?

Did America won the Vietnam War with “can-do” attitude?

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Problem lies in looking inside yourself: Trying-harder thinking, believing in yourself. Positive thinker says “Everything is possible, even impossible says I-M-Possible, if only we try harder.” Yet, many things are not possible, no matter how harder we try.

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The only Pakistani featured in the World’s Top Marketing guru’s book!

Who’s that? That’s me!
Now I’ve become, the only Pakistani:

First, I thank to Allah and then mom, dad and my brothers and a sister for supporting me to achieve so many successful “onlies” 🙂

Thanks to my audience to made this blog successful!


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Al Ries’s Interview (The co-father of Positioning) by Kamil Ali

Al Ries,
the co-father of Positioning,
Interviewed 1st time in Pakistan by
Kamil Ali
About Al Ries:

Al is a legendary marketing strategist, co-father of Positioning concept and a chairman of Ries and Ries, a marketing consultancy firm. He named one of the top 10 business guru by Marketing Executives Networking Group. He works with many Fortune 500 companies. (Read More about him at the end of this interview) 

Short Introduction:
I had an interesting conversation with Al Ries. I tried asking comprehensive questions, that also include Pakistan’s marketing issues. I’m sure you’ll learn out of it.

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