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Brand vs. Category: Which One To Create?

Some marketers think, “Create Your Brand.”

Well, they are not wrong either. Yet, they forget what the right way to to do it.

After watching these following videos, you can better decide which way is the right way (Whether, create your brand or create your category)

Step 1: Brand vs. Category: Which One To Create?

Step 2: Why To Create Category, Not Brand?

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Why? Because there’s a good news.

My cartoon has been featured in Famous Bloggers!

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10 Things Marketers Remember but Forget (Series 2)

Experience is important. Putting it on the right path is essential. When we follow only experience we tend to neglect many right directions that wisdom taught us. On the other hand, when we follow only knowledge, the experience is required to avoid devastating loss.

When we have both, we make ourselves invincible! That’s the objective of my Series: “10 Things Marketers Remember but Forget”.

In Series 1, I raised 10 points for marketers. Now Series 2 is again, easy to memorize, summarize and utilize. Here’re 10 points for you:

Marketing guys…..

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10 things Marketers Remember but Forget (Series 1)

I met many experienced and brilliant marketing guys. Due to their extensive experience, they know almost every aspect of marketing. The sad part is: They remember one thing and forget another. That makes me very depressed!
Here are my first series of 10 points for you, I’m bringing up. Easy to memorize, summarize and utilize. (I’ll keep on posting 10 by 10 points in coming days)
Marketing guys……..
1. Remember they should produce product what customers want or need, 
 but forget if customers knew about their wants and needs, they were marketers too.
2. Remember the single (not double or triple) word for the brand name is better,
but forget number of syllables is also important to count, even if we use double word for brand name(e.g Facebook is a good brand name with two syllables)
3. Remember packaging options should be exposed to consumers to observe “which one will be selected  by the consumer”,
but forget RedBull was a failure, not only in selection of packaging, but also in selection of brand name and   taste. (Customers almost always betray you!)
4. Remember blue color is boyish and pink is girlish for their brands, 
 but forget using opposite color to key competitor will differentiate the brand.
5. Remember refreshing logo is good for the brand,
 but forget changing logos, like Pepsi , can change
the consumer’s perception and confuse consumers for nothing. (Slight change is better)
Radical Change (Pepsi)
Slight Change (KFC)
6. Remember how to increase sales through brand extension,

but forget how it will destroy the original brand.

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Are you Left-Brainer or Right-Brainer?

Marketing and management are at war in today’s boardrooms.

The reason for the war is that marketing and management don’t
understand each other. The reason they don’t understand each
other is that their brains are different.

Management people tend to be left-brain thinkers: they are
verbal, logical and analytical.
Marketing people tend to be right-brain thinkers: they are
visual, intuitive and holistic.
What are you? Are you Left-Brainer or Right-Brainer?
Have a following (short) brain quiz and find out!

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