Marketing Sense vs. Common Sense (Part 2/2) (Series 2)

In the previous part of this cartoon, why not to use

“common sense” in marketing was explained.

Today, we’ll get it completely:

What is “Marketing Sense” and Why to use it?

Cartoon: Marketing Sense vs. Common Sense (Part 2/2)

Following script is enough to explain the idea, Marketing Sense vs. Common Sense:


Kimberly: So, if common sense is not the way to do marketing, what’s the right way?

Eric: “Marketing Sense” is the right way to do marketing! Marketing Sense is acquired through marketing education and experience.

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Marketing Sense vs. Common Sense (Part 1/2): (Series 2)

In this cartoon, Kimberly needs your help.

She wants you to help her answering some questions.

Please don’t forget to answer. Please help her out Smile

Cartoon: Marketing Sense vs. Common Sense (Part 1/2)


Following script is enough to explain the idea, Marketing Sense vs. Common Sense:


Eric: Back to your question, what is marketing?

Kimberly: Oh, simple! Marketing is sales, advertising, social media, publicity!

Open Me (to read complete script)

Eric: No! That’s not marketing, for God sake!

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What is Market and Marketplace?- (Series 1)

(Previous series was about introduction and objective of Online Marketing Mastermind series.)

After politics and showbiz, perhaps,  marketing has become so popular that people discuss, define and explain marketing as per their own level of understanding. These people not necessarily have knowledge or experience to talk about it.

As a result, marketing myths have been created, that makes marketing more difficult to understand for a layman. For example, most of the people think advertising and sales are also marketing. Nope! (For more explanation, read this article: Top Three Types of People To Avoid In Marketing.)

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Online Marketing Mastermind- Announcing New Series!

Marketing Cartoon Video
Kimberly & Eric

Summary: Do you want to learn marketing through different innovative ways? Specially, through Marketing Cartoons Video. I call it “Marketube”. (The Only Marketing Cartoon Video)

Many business students have been asking me to teach marketing from very basic through my articles.

I turned down many requests by saying sorry, that i write advanced marketing articles . As everyone was learning fundamentals in universities and business schools, I thought why I’d be doing the same?

But I was wrong…

I was wrong  because mostly students never clearly understand the basic marketing concepts at the first place.

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