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Thank You Al Ries!

It’s an honor to become the first (and only) Pakistani to get endorsed by Al Ries, the world’s top marketing expert and consultant.

Al Ries and Jack Trout are the two guys who have been revolutionizing the business world through their most important concept in marketing, Positioning.

Later on it was  published in the shape of the groundbreaking book, Positioning: Battle For Your Mind.

Just watch the following video and share with others. Nothing else for today! : )

And please don’t forget to wish me at the end of this postWinking smile

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Linchpin Magazine- Featured Our Meet up And 1000s of Ideas Worth Sharing


It was June 14th, 2010, when world’s first Linchpin Day was held across the world.

These meet ups were compiled in a magazine, called Linchpin Magazine,

a project initiated by Kenny Whitelaw-Jones and foreword by world’s top marketing guru, Seth Godin.

There was a total number of 792 meet ups across the world.

What? Only 792? That’s it?

Perhaps, this number seems too small. How about 5,830 people from 90 countries??

Hmmm, now I’m talking.

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What is a Blog in Plain Urdu/Hindi?

I’m always in the search of competent people who have got something and are unable to get rewarded for some reasons.

Are you one of them? …then what to do about it?

I always suggest competent people to start a blog and convince them what value they can create for themselves and for the society, in fact, for the world.

However, they never listen!

You know why?

Because most of the people simply don’t know only one thing about blog? It is….

…What is a blog?


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Time Bomb Blast (Series 2) : Finding the right combination of wires.

[The first post, Time Bomb Blast (Series 1), was for understanding the importance of creating category. Today, I would like to further extend the discussion: "Finding your right category" to develop a Time Bomb brand.]

Time Bomb requires right combination of wires.Otherwise, it will blow away YOU rather than your competitors.

Finding the right combination of wires is finding the right category.It’s tricky. It’s sensitive.

If you can’t find the right category, you can’t find the right combination of strategy and execution.

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