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Quiz: What do you know about Marketing?

Yeah, yeah I know you know too much that’s why I’ve posted this quiz 🙂

Recently, I posted an interesting (yet simple) quiz on my Squidoo Lens. People who met me after taking quiz said they didn’t post their results because they scored, according to them:  “Aaaa …Just average”.

Some other responses to the quiz: “I thought I was right but…”, “What the….”,”How can you prove it?”, “But I WAS RIGHT!!!”

I still say, this quiz is simple. And you still can score 100%.

Try it!
You guys are eager to do something.
That’s why you’re keep on reading my words and I keep on typing it.

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Top Three Types of People To Avoid In Marketing

Marketing Experience, Information or Knowledge! What’s important & why??

This question has been neglected by many graduates and experienced marketers. This point applies to almost every field we look into. So, dear readers just customized this article, while reading, to your field.
There are three types of people or groups out there:

1. Mostly, professionals say “In marketing, years of experience is enough.” Absurd!

2. Graduates say “We’re better than those experienced people, who can’t understand the theory and its applications” Ludicrous!

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What Marketing is NOT?

Commonsense image

Marketing students (MBA, BBA) and professionals are still confused about marketing and its application in the real world. Dear friends, your precious education and experience are not an easy one to learn, trust me, it has been adapted as an exclusive tool. In this article, I will try to resolve a major misconception about marketing.

This article will provide guidance to young marketers and students of marketing and business, who have been asking simple questions about marketing definition and after completion of course, ending up no where. However, before understanding the definition of marketing, we have to understand the most important part of marketing. I call it “______”. I’ll tell you later, I promise! Keep reading.

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