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Brand vs. Category: Which One To Create?

Some marketers think, “Create Your Brand.”

Well, they are not wrong either. Yet, they forget what the right way to to do it.

After watching these following videos, you can better decide which way is the right way (Whether, create your brand or create your category)

Step 1: Brand vs. Category: Which One To Create?

Step 2: Why To Create Category, Not Brand?

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Why? Because there’s a good news.

My cartoon has been featured in Famous Bloggers!

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Marketing Definition – Secret Bonus!

Why this Secret Bonus? Because: you can define what marketing is today, but because marketing is always changing, any definition used today might require more comprehensive definition tomorrow!

Cartoon: What is Marketing?: The Bonus Secret Definition

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Reference book: At this stage, I recommend you to read following book(s).

Yes, you can always ask questions from following books too. The list will keep on increasing with more upcoming posts.

(The more you read, the more you’re capable of generating ideas)

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Decision Making Process: How Consumers Make Buying Decision?

Red Bull dominates energy drink, Xerox dominates copier category, Coca Cola dominates cola category, Domino’s dominates pizza home delivery category.

Why? Perhaps, there are many reasons. However, the most important steps these brands took were to create a category and develop brands based on these categories.

Consumers think category, not brands. When they even think to have energy drink, Red Bull takes all the advantages.

Why? Simple, Red Bull created the category. Who else has right to claim the ownership of energy drink category?

Let’s watch following two videos for more explanation:

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What is Positioning?(Part 2): How To Get Into Consumer’s Mind By Being First? (Series 4)

Step1: What is Positioning? (Part 2): Importance of Being first

Step 2: Cartoon: What is Positioning ? (Part 2): How To Get Into The Consumer’s Mind By Being First?

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Reference book: At this stage, I recommend you to read following book(s).

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