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What Good Milk Needs to Know About a Powerful Brand Name?

Good Milk pack
Good Milk
“The name is the hook that hangs the brand on the product ladder in the prospect’s mind. In the positioning era, the single most important marketing decision you can make is what to name the product.”  said Al and Trout.

Apart from everything, Good Milk is good, but not a good name! Good Milk needs to have not only good, but an excellent name to hang in the mind of consumers forever. It doesn’t seem to me that a good marketer can make a generic name like Good Milk. My experience says, there would be an ad agency, who made this brand name.

I’m sure, guys at Good Milk and all their consumers will be damn sure, that Good Milk will not only be serving and striving in the marketplace for the short term.

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What Marketing is NOT?

Commonsense image

Marketing students (MBA, BBA) and professionals are still confused about marketing and its application in the real world. Dear friends, your precious education and experience are not an easy one to learn, trust me, it has been adapted as an exclusive tool. In this article, I will try to resolve a major misconception about marketing.

This article will provide guidance to young marketers and students of marketing and business, who have been asking simple questions about marketing definition and after completion of course, ending up no where. However, before understanding the definition of marketing, we have to understand the most important part of marketing. I call it “______”. I’ll tell you later, I promise! Keep reading.

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Nirala Sweets: Strong Brand, Getting Weak.

Nirala Logo

Nirala Sweets was only in sweets. Which made this brand an icon. If you want sweets for any occasion the best one is known as Nirala. They made the fortune out of their specialty, which allows them to set higher prices. And higher prices bring prestige with it! Brand had become strong!

It is one of the most brilliant company that played very well by differentiating them with high prices.

The strategy is great. Customers are willing to pay more for better product, they want some differentiation, a reason, to buy yours, not others. Nirala really mean sweets.

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