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Color and Form (by Triiibesters)

Today I would like to share an e-book, Color and Form, by Bronwyn Mcconville. This book is jam-packed with knowledge, wisdom and ideas worth spreading, contributed by 26 authors across the world.

A gift to you from the passionate member of world’s best idea sharing online (private) community “Triiibes” (by Seth Godin) and the diversified approach of people having different backgrounds.

BONUS: Hope you’ll love to read my article in that too!

P.S.: (You may email and share, post or print this book as a gift, but please don’t sell it or change it!) HAPPY READING!!! : )

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10 Things Marketers Remember but Forget (Series 2)

Experience is important. Putting it on the right path is essential. When we follow only experience we tend to neglect many right directions that wisdom taught us. On the other hand, when we follow only knowledge, the experience is required to avoid devastating loss.

When we have both, we make ourselves invincible! That’s the objective of my Series: “10 Things Marketers Remember but Forget”.

In Series 1, I raised 10 points for marketers. Now Series 2 is again, easy to memorize, summarize and utilize. Here’re 10 points for you:

Marketing guys…..

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Time Bomb Blast (Series 1)

If you ask about one of the favorite post of mine, I’ll say  “What The Marketing Is NOT”, where I discussed why “Marketing Sense” is the skill you need to learn before even learning the definition of marketing.

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“Can NOT Do Attitude”: How to Become Successful in a Shorter Time?

You can do it!
“You can do it” is, perhaps, the most over-delivered idea.

Can you save brand, through over investing, if its category is dying?

Can you build a brand by making it known for many ideas?

Did America won the Vietnam War with “can-do” attitude?

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Problem lies in looking inside yourself: Trying-harder thinking, believing in yourself. Positive thinker says “Everything is possible, even impossible says I-M-Possible, if only we try harder.” Yet, many things are not possible, no matter how harder we try.

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