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This blog is about profitable marketing ideas. ( what is a blog?)

It’s for people who want to make them successful online through the optimum use of marketing strategies, branding and social media.

Following, best stuffs you will learn:

Other than marketing strategies and improving their current brands, I love to guide people from developing their brands to setting up an income blog. As I believe in this era it is much easier to develop your online brand via blogging and social media, and then grow yourself rich in a shorter time (you don’t need 10 years to make handsome income anymore)

Who is Kamil Ali?

Hi! I am Kamil Ali and I am the author of this blog. Starting this blog wasn’t an accident. It was the passion for marketing. Marketing asks to develop a category by being first to the consumer’s mind by recognizing new opportunity. So I’m trying to do it and still learning. I spent years studying marketing, advertising, branding, online social media, and I believe strongly that everyone should benefit from it. That’s why I’m here.

What online marketing and branding can do for you?

Here’s a real life example what online presence and branding did for me. So far, I have become the only Pakistani, who:

1. Interviewed Al Ries (The co-father of Positioning)

Al Ries Interview

2. Launched Pakistan’s only online DVD rental company, HitBox. (now sold)


3. Has testimonialsof marketing gurus. (Al Ries & Said Aghil Baaghil)

Al Ries1

Al Ries, co-father of Positioning concept, author of many books & world’s top marketing guru

Kamil Ali has one of the finest marketing minds in the business. His videos and blog are always right on target and fun to watch”.

 Al Ries, marketing consultant.

Said Aaghil Baaghil

Said Aghil Baaghil, middle-east marketing guru & author of marketing books


4. Holds recommendation letter of

World’s Top Marketing Expert & Consultant, Al Ries. 

5. Featured in world’s top marketing guru, Seth Godin’s book.

DSC01231aMe & Myself in book,  Linchpin

6.Featured in Linchpin Magazine

(Find where I brought my country, Pakistan by searching: “Pakistan” & “Kamil Ali”)

Click here to download Linchpin Magazine copy (it’s FREE)

Linchpin Magazine

7. Article featured in book, Color and Form

(written by Triiibes.com’s members , Seth Godin’s community)

Color and Form

8. Created world’s first (& only) Marketing Cartoon Video Series

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