Interview with Laura Ries: “Visual Hammer” Era Cometh! (Part 2/3)

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Packaging and Visual Hammer:

Kamil: You say, “If you’re not first in a new category, you want to design your bottle so it looks like the bottle doesn’t belong in the category at all.”

Can we put this idea to Monster’s (16-oz) packaging “size” versus that of Redbull (8.3-oz)?

Laura: Absolutely and this is why you are such a good marketing strategist. The Monster can when first introduced looked nothing like everybody else’s energy drink can. That’s what made it stand out and that’s what built the brand. The name plus the monster-size can.

Kamil: You think Red Bull visual is weak. Do you think if we can remove the sun and one bull and redesign the logo with single bull, would it be effective then?


Laura: The problem is the can. An 8.3-oz. can is too small for the development of a powerful visual. What Red Bull should have done is to make the entire can its visual hammer, much like the bottle used for Pom Wonderful.

Perhaps the entire Red Bull can should have been in the color red, with perhaps the horns of a bull in white against the red can. Just the horns, not the rest of the bull.





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