Thank You Al Ries!

It’s an honor to become the first (and only) Pakistani to get endorsed by Al Ries, the world’s top marketing expert and consultant.

Al Ries and Jack Trout are the two guys who have been revolutionizing the business world through their most important concept in marketing, Positioning.

Later on it was  published in the shape of the groundbreaking book, Positioning: Battle For Your Mind.

Just watch the following video and share with others. Nothing else for today! : )

And please don’t forget to wish me at the end of this postWinking smile

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About Al Ries

Al%2520formal Al Ries’ Interview (The co father of Positioning) by Kamil Ali

Al is a legendary marketing strategist, co-father of Positioning concept and a chairman of Ries and Ries, a marketing consultancy firm. He named one of the top 10 business guru by Marketing Executives Networking Group. He works with many Fortune 500 companies.

aboutus magazines Al Ries’ Interview (The co father of Positioning) by Kamil Ali

In 1989, Sales & Marketing Executives International gave him its Tops in Marketing award.  He was named one of the 100 most influential public relations people of the 20th century by PR Week magazine in 1999 and was also profiled in BusinessWeek magazine. And he has named one of the top 10 business guru.

Al Ries Books
Al Ries’ books, ranked 1st and 3rd in Advertising Age. His books made both the Business Week and The Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. In addition to being reviewed by these publications, and also reviewed by USA Today, Harvard Business Review, Boston Globe, Chicago Sun-Times and many other publications.

He is bestselling author (or co-author) of 11 books on marketing including his latest book in the year 2009 is War in the Boardroom. This book is an attempt to the peace in the boardroom.

I highly recommend to read  Al Ries’ following books



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  • Greaaaaaaaaatttttt achievement :))) really happy for you..

    • So, I’ve become the source of happiness to someone:) Thanks Ahmer! 

  • Congratulations! A great achievement indeed 🙂

    • Thanks Osman:) There are more to come!

  • Nasir.Mirza

    That’s great achievement 4 U ?  > Congratulations !

  • forget pakistan, there are not so many people achieve this type of recognition throughout the world. this is the hight of knowledge & regard some one can achieve my dear

    • I think, passion can make you do many things you can’t even imagine. The point is, if people can find what are good at and the gift which Allah has equipped them with. Thanks:)

  • Kamil, it is nice to be honored by someone we respect. However, with the
    honor comes the challenge to live up to it. I know you are inspired to
    do so. I wish you every success, my friend.

    • In fact, that what I was thinking after creating the video, “Now I have to,sustain Al Ries’ words, at least”
      Thank you so much Dr. @twitter-12471112:disqus

  • Aliazeem_irip

    very well done

    Azeem Rizvi

    • Keep praying and keep sharing:) Thanks Azeem bhai:) 

  • Congratulations, Kamil.  An honour you well-deserve.

    • Frances you can give recognition to deserving work, as you actually do great work yourself!:)
      Thanks Frances:) 



    • Thanks @47a1b3777e6f0689fde7cb8b271e3b1a:disqus

  • Rana Farooq

    good work Kamil – i just saw your post regardin Al-Ries; good work… way to go bro! 🙂 all the best! 🙂

    • Hope you remember Al Ries’ comment on 56ix article. Here it is:
      Thanks Farooq:)

  • Nadeems90

    Many Congrates for ur best deserving job  

  • Bohat bohat Mubarak 🙂

  • Omar

    congrats man

  • Imran M. Ismail

    Good positioning! Thank you and gratitude are the key to success and they are very much present in your ‘positioning’. Your hard work is paying off. Keep it up! 


    • Thanks Imran! Keep praying!
      Her what I always remember “Allah naiki ka badla zaroor seta hai”

      Whatever positive we do is “naiki”

  • imran atif

    mubarak ho bro
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  • waqas ul hassan

    Awesome way of projecting ideas and informative stuff 🙂

    • Thanks Waqas! Hope you’re gonna like the next stuff too:)