Brand vs. Category: Which One To Create?

Some marketers think, “Create Your Brand.”

Well, they are not wrong either. Yet, they forget what the right way to to do it.

After watching these following videos, you can better decide which way is the right way (Whether, create your brand or create your category)

Step 1: Brand vs. Category: Which One To Create?

Step 2: Why To Create Category, Not Brand?

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Reference book (Must Read): At this stage, I recommend you to read following book(s).

Yes, you can always ask questions from following books too. The list will keep on increasing with more upcoming posts.

(The more you read, the more you’re capable of generating ideas)

Did I miss something? Got ideas what more I could explain? Any suggestions, comments or questions? Let me know in the comments below at the end of the page!

I would love to hear from you. I read every single comment!



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  • Elena_guzun

    Very good! Wish you succes

  • Anonymous

    Interesting stuff Kamil. I’ve worked on product launches that did both; created a new category of product, and that introduced a brand into an existing category. The first is much, much more difficult. First and most obviously, because not everybody has an idea or product that is truly new. But secondly because you have to climb the learning curve of your buyers (retailers) AND your consumers. It takes twice as much work, and a good deal more money. 

    But yes, first to market advantage is always a good, as long as you have a strong product and strong marketing. 
    thanks for the post! Kathy

    • Always superb comment from you! I agree with your thoughts Kathy! That’s what I said to create a category and then create a brand, based on that category. (I’m for both sides)
      When we say new category, it is not only mean a breakthrough product or truly new product. It also means creating a pie of the market segment.What Dell it in its early days is perhaps the best example. IBM was the leader, it truly created a category. Dell focused on direct delivery of computers and rest is the history.For marketing, we have to equipped with resources. People usually think to introduce a new brand or category through ads. But for breakthrough product or truly new product we don’t need that huge ad budget. Little expensive PR will do!

  • Dear Kamil –
    A provocative post. 
    Seems to me, that your brand is determined by your content. 
    What most people who start blogging don’t realize is that it takes a while to get people to notice you.
    You have to support them first when you are new.  I see that is what you do. 

    • Thanks for the kind words Corinne, 

      As you said “What most people who start blogging don’t realize is that it takes a while to get people to notice you” That’s actually a marketing reason. One has to hang in the marketplace, to make his/her brand reliable. No need to lose heart in marketing. No need to lose heart in blogging!

      To hang in the marketplace, one suppose to has enough resources to do so!

  • Numaanali

    asalam o alikum kamil sir ,
                                          i’ll be very thank ful to you if you send me something related to product min….what actually product means is …and how we explain this term. plz if possible for you so send me some perfect visual and notes …..on my email id …that is (

    • Walikum Asalam Numaan,

      Thanks for your question.

      Product means something that is made or created by a person, machine, or natural process,
      especially something that is offered for sale.

      We can also say that the product is goods or services produced by a company.

      You can easily get product visuals from Google.All the best

  • Chris

    Hi Kamil,
    i am doing some research for my company’s postioning. And i cant agree you more. When i searching on competitors’ internetsite, i find some comany’s products’ list start with brand names. that confuse me so much.and then i thought that category is more important on the first view than brand. after i watch your vedio, i really learned so much from you. especially the opnion of creating the first category.
    i have a question, can you please tell me how to make a good and new category? the situation is this market is not new. and i am run out of idea.
    i have thought make some survey of customers.but that takes much time and money. do you think that is a good idea? or do you have some better ways to do it. thank you very much!

    • Hi Chris, thank you for the question.

      Creating the category is important, but it’s also important to giving an effective brand name to your product. Just like one give a name to his or her newly born child.I’m not sure exactly what are you looking for . What product do you have to work on for your company?I’ll appreciate if you can tell me more!

      All the best Chris!

  • Imran Shirol

    Asslamualainkum Sir,
           I am agree what you said in your post.i was involved in a new category launch although that required a lot of hard-work but the chances of sucess is equally bright.
         But now i am working for a product which as a category too, lossing its good-will.
        i just want to ask you what as a marketer i should do for such a brand???
    as it has huge base in the market i cant replace or hide it but on the same time other category gaining more and more support.
    please guide
    Allah hafiz

    • Walikum asalam Imran,

      Thanks for the questions.
      Firstly, I am not which is the type of of category. So I am to confident enough to answer to your question.

      I cannot reply to it generally too as I have feeling that it will lead to you to wrong direction.