Marketing Definition – Secret Bonus!

Why this Secret Bonus? Because: you can define what marketing is today, but because marketing is always changing, any definition used today might require more comprehensive definition tomorrow!

Cartoon: What is Marketing?: The Bonus Secret Definition

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Video Script:

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Kimberly: We have discussed marketing definition, deeply in previous meetings. Now, what is the marketing bonus definition?

Eric: The definition we learnt previously was fine. However, today we’ll discuss more comprehensive definition.

If you remember, we spend hours in discussing customer & competitor analysis. Now, we can put the whole story easily in definition to make it, memorable & comprehensive

Kimberly: Yes! The marketing definition discussion was so deep!

Eric: Even, if you don’t remember “customer and competitor analysis” discussion. Please CLICK on the following two buttons to go back to these important topics, and then come back here.

Kimberly: Come on guys! Click any button!

      Customer Analysis


    Competitor Analysis

So here’s the bonus secret marketing definition for you by Kamil Ali, the creator of world’s only marketing cartoon video series.

Before definition, you should remember:

  • Marketing is the most complex and difficult discipline.
  • We should see ourselves as students of marketing, and should constantly study, how to apply new ideas and concepts to marketing principles
  • You can define what marketing is today, but because marketing is always changing, any definition used today might require more comprehensive definition tomorrow.

Marketing Definition–Secret BONUS!:

“Marketing is a process of customer and competitor analysis, for developing strategy to launch the brand or to apply the strategy on the existing brand.”

– Kamil Ali

(Approved by Al Ries & Laura Ries)

Hurry! Click on any of the following two buttons to learn more quickly:

What is Customer Analysis?

What is Competitor Analysis?

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Marketing Definition Secret BONUS



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  • Ujjwal Trivedi

    Approved by Al and Laura… what else remains to be said 🙂
    great going Kamil. 

    • Al Ries and Laura Ries have honored me with their approval. You’re right! Who cares others accept or reject:) Thanks for your comment @google-f8d92e9ca01b94484dfeebfc4ae1f54d:disqus

  • @Kamil_Ali:twitter The BEST marketing definition you can ever learn.ppl r unable to understand marketing & u r moving to the next level? Wow .i dont think any1 else have approval of al ries and laura ries as you have for definition

  • imran atif

    kamil bro great blog..keep it up

  • Vikrant Bhuptani

    HI Kamil, You have simplified very difficult definitions. 

    I have one question… To be the 1st in the market is required. but what if there are other players in the market with similar products? How do i differentiate and stand out? 

    • Vikrant, thanks for your question.

      Being first to the mind is required, market comes later.
      To be first in the mind you have to develop a different category. Don’t worry if another is already in the marketplace. You can almost always cut a chink of the pie

      Pizza Hut, launched pizza chain first. Dominos, focused on home delivery and build its brand.