Marketing Sense vs. Common Sense (Part 2/2) (Series 2)

In the previous part of this cartoon, why not to use

“common sense” in marketing was explained.

Today, we’ll get it completely:

What is “Marketing Sense” and Why to use it?

Cartoon: Marketing Sense vs. Common Sense (Part 2/2)

Following script is enough to explain the idea, Marketing Sense vs. Common Sense:


Kimberly: So, if common sense is not the way to do marketing, what’s the right way?

Eric: “Marketing Sense” is the right way to do marketing! Marketing Sense is acquired through marketing education and experience.

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Eric: Remember! Marketing is a discipline and its principles are learned.

Kimberly: Wow! That’s a great kind of sense. How can I get it?

Eric: After having marketing education and experience, marketer’s marketing sense know what to do instinctively, without actual evidence for it.

Kimberly: Aha! How will we know that one is using his marketing sense, not common sense?

Eric: To explain marketing sense versus common sense, let me ask a few questions.

Kimberly: Sure! Go ahead!

Eric: Would you like to use your “famous” brand name to launch a new brand to capture market share quickly? In marketing, it is called “line extension.”

Kimberly: Of course! Who’s on earth doesn’t want to use the famous brand name? I’ll do line extension to save on cost, increase sales and shelf space.

Eric: That’s common sense. The opposite is true in marketing. Marketing sense says, NOT to use famous brand name to support a new brand.

Kimberly: I see! But line extension is an easy way out. Launching a new brand requires time and resources plus a new idea.

Eric: Brand is built on its specialty. For example, if you want to buy shoes. Which type of store would you like to go? A store, like this one, that sells everything? Clothes, watches, belts, cosmetics and shoes. Or store that sells ONLY shoes?

Kimberly: I’ll prefer to buy from special shoe store! As they know more about shoes than anything else.

Eric: You’ve got your answer; you’ll prefer to buy from store as it is known for only shoes. The store has NO line extension.

Kimberly: So, that’s how marketing sense is different from common sense. I hope I’ll keep on learning marketing in greater detail in coming meetings.

Did I miss something? Got ideas what more I could explain? Any suggestions, comments or questions? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear from you.

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  • Muneeb Umer

    Really marketing is not a common sense. business is not a problem its simple
    you buy one thing for Rs100,000 and sell it for Rs200,000. that is business

    marketing is very difficult, it tells us how to make this business forever

    • Kamil Ali

      Agreed Muneeb!

      Marketing is, of course, difficult. Very difficult.
      We never know the exact results. Yet, marketing remove maximum uncertainties to make a brand successful.

      Yet, I would like to rephrase your statement. Might be, you also mean that:

      A marketer have an idea what brand would work in a”long run” (not forever). Yet, he/she also knows when to kill the brand.

      That’s another discussion!

      Perhaps, I’ll talk about it in coming cartoons:)

  • Vibha Nayak

    Good one!

    • Kamil Ali

      Thanks Vibha! Welcome to the series:)

  • Imran M. Ismail

    Seems interesting but not relevant and entertaining. Need much more to do to market them. 

    • Kamil Ali

      Thanks for your feedback Imran,

      These were initial parts where I was learning to make these stuff. Now they are getting entertaining. Click here to get my latest cartoon

      Yet, I don’t get how the cartoon is “not relevant”

      Please advice, what more  needs to do for marketing, so that I can look into even more.

  • Ks_madhusudan

    Nice videos but i have some confusion when we have big brand its not better go for line extension since people will knowing about that brand well. For example if cola produces drink for diabetic people then just adding cola lite may help in branding i am correct or wrong.

    • Kamil Ali

      That’s common sense. We all know one of our brand is famous and have good will in the marketplace and in consumer’s mind. How about using the same famous brand on another brand.Line extension is an addiction. Starts from one brand, spread out as a virus by effecting all other new brand and it’s original brand.For example, bad word of mouth of Coke Diet will also effect Coca Cola brand it self.

      Thanks for your Madhusudan!