Marketing Sense vs. Common Sense (Part 1/2): (Series 2)

In this cartoon, Kimberly needs your help.

She wants you to help her answering some questions.

Please don’t forget to answer. Please help her out Smile

Cartoon: Marketing Sense vs. Common Sense (Part 1/2)


Following script is enough to explain the idea, Marketing Sense vs. Common Sense:


Eric: Back to your question, what is marketing?

Kimberly: Oh, simple! Marketing is sales, advertising, social media, publicity!

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Eric: No! That’s not marketing, for God sake!

Kimberly: What the hell is that marketing!!

Eric: Before definition of marketing, it is essential to eliminate every myth you have for marketing. First, learn what marketing is not!

Eric: Marketing is not sales, advertising or social media. Don’t worry! We’ll learn the difference while discussing definition of marketing.

Kimberly: Oh my God! I was taught in a totally wrong direction. I thought it’s simply a common sense and everyone can do it. Like, through advertising.

Eric: In fact, marketing is not a common sense. Everyone can do business. But, everyone cannot do marketing.

Kimberly: Why not???

Eric: To answer this, let’s, ask our audience some questions.

Kimberly: Sure! Hi our lovely audience! Please help me to answer that why marketing is not a common sense, you have to answer in three seconds. Ready?

Eric: Ok! Question one: can you win in a court effectively without having law education?

Kimberly: No (she thinks)

Eric: Question two: Can you win a war without having military education?

Kimberly: No (she thinks)

Eric: You’re genius. Well, if your answer is no. Try this question:

Eric: Can you do marketing for your product without having marketing education?

Kimberly: Of course not! So, if common sense is not the way to do marketing, what’s the right way?

Eric: “Marketing Sense” is the right way. (We’ll discuss Marketing Sense in the next video)


1. Marketing is not a common sense,

2. Marketing is not another word for sales, advertising, PR or social media etc.

3. Use your “Marketing Sense” to do marketing, not common sense. (We’ll discuss Marketing Sense in the next video)


Did I miss something? Got ideas what more I could explain? Any suggestions, comments or questions? Let me know in the comments below!



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  • nice work:) 

  • Bohat allaa. it is even better and funnier than the previous one.ahahaha when the next part is coming up. the lesson is still not completed

  • Sameha_abbas

     good one 🙂 but i believe tha marketing skills are also God gifted somewhat they also help out !!!

    •  sameha , god gifted thing then can for any field
      if one is mechanical engineer that can also be god gifted that he catch the car problem instantly by just listening the sound. if some is good in maths then it is possible that he is gifted by god to solve problems quickly.

      everything can be god gifted not only marketing

      • Sameha,  
        Let me complete Muneeb’s explanation to God gifts. Almost everything can be God gifted, yet almost everything can be learnt in this world.It all depends where your passion charge you up!Sameha and Muneeb – Thanks for your brilliant comments.

  • Kvereecke

    Nice Kamil! Now I’m very intrigued how marketing sense will be defined. Guess I’ll stay tuned!

  • Your videos are great,they are very helpful

    • Thanks Peggy, keep appreciating and I’ll try to keep on becoming more helpful:)

  • Numaanali

    really kamil bhai….. i lyk ur way of explaining the thing ……..mind blowing………send us some more terms of marketing ……….

    • Thanks for the kind words Numaan Ali!

      If you have subscribed you wouldn’t be missing your favorite stuff:)

  • Ks_madhusudan

    Nice video kamil then Marketing sense means what may be customer centric thinking i am correct or wrong

    • Keep watching the series Madhusudan,

      Marketing Sense is not only customer centric. It’s also competitor centric! Watch next episode to know more!

  • very nice video thanks alot