What is a Blog in Plain Urdu/Hindi?

I’m always in the search of competent people who have got something and are unable to get rewarded for some reasons.

Are you one of them? …then what to do about it?

I always suggest competent people to start a blog and convince them what value they can create for themselves and for the society, in fact, for the world.

However, they never listen!

You know why?

Because most of the people simply don’t know only one thing about blog? It is….

…What is a blog?


That’s the first question I’m almost always asked. “Ok Kamil, I get what are you’re talking about, but what is a blog?”

No worries…

It’s ok, if they don’t know a thing about a blog. Most people don’t. I didn’t know either, some years back.

There’s always room for improvement and there’s always room for taking positive action that can change your life.

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What is a Blog in Plain Urdu/Hindi:

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Transcript in English:

What is a blog?
Today I’ll answer to this question in plain Urdu/Hindi language. So that  Urdu/Hindi speaking people have a clear idea about it.

(In fact, one day I received a call from one of my subscriber, he was curious if I could publish something in Urdu as most of the time he could not understand my articles.)

So, blog is simply a website. However, it is a specific kind of website. Its special features differentiate it from a general website you see daily online.

For example: traditionally, a journalist was required to communicate us the news through media. However, now everyone can work as a journalist.

Anyone having an idea can start his/her own blog to publish the idea with almost zero cost.

Blog features:

1. Content ( Post: article, video or audio):

Blog first feature is its content. Like newspaper, TV or radio, blog content can be in the shape of article/text, video or audio/podcast.

Generally, article, video or audio is referred to as post or content.

2. Content updates:

The contents on blogs are get updated on the regular basis. Whereas, general websites do not get updated regularly.

The latest post or content is published at the front page of the blog on the chronicle order.

So that the visitors find the newest post, as soon as they visit the blog.

3. Target audience:

Blog (or the author of the blog) has the specific people who are interested in the content of it.

For example, my blog www.KamilAli.com is about profitable marketing ideas.

Target audience of www.KamilAli.com: business students and people who want to make themselves successful online through marketing.

4. Two way communication:
One of the most important features of the blog is its ability to allow two way communication, interactivity or discussion through the Comment Box.

The comment box is available at the end of every post. Any visitor can use it to comments, suggestions or questions.

Comment Box is good source of idea generation.

The discussion takes place:
• Between author and target audience.
• Among the target audience

5. Subscription:
Just like you subscribe to the newspaper by giving your delivery address to the paper boy, the blog visitors can do the same by entering their email addresses in the Subscription box.

RSSRSS Then the content updates will be sent to visitors through email or RSS reader page.

Click here to see Email Subscription Example and

Click here to see RSS reader example

6. Connections:

Blog creates the connection:

• Between author of the blog and target audience.
• Among the target audience
• Between author of the blog (you) and other authors of the other blogs.
The author of any blog is called blogger.


What is a blog?
Blog is specific kind of website. Following features differentiate a blog from a website:

1. Content: Article, text or video.

2. Content updates on regular basis.

3. Target audience: The specific people who are interested in the content of your blog.

4. Two way communication, interactivity or discussion through Comment Box:

• Between author and target audience.
• Among target audience

5. Subscription: Content updates are sent to target audience through email or RSS reader page.

6. Connections:

• Between author of the blog and target audience.
• Among target audience
• Between author of the blog (you) and other authors of the other blogs.

Did I miss something? Got ideas what more I could explain? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4QDM32YS6DOYFLDDITMASQTFY4 sabeen

    Nice the best video on blog found in Urdu or Hindi.

    • http://www.kamilali.com/ Kamil Ali

      Thanks, keep sharing:)

  • Elena

    “Thanks a lot Kamil, for sharing with me your experiences.
    In past, I was thinking to create my own blog and now I receive help from you.
    Have a nice day.
    Best regards

    • http://www.kamilali.com/ Kamil Ali

      Thanks for your comment Elena!
      Keep on watching I might be doing some more videos on blogging.

      Meanwhile, you can ask specific question regarding start blogging!

      All the best

    • http://twitter.com/Manny_mz Muneeb Umer

      Im alos thinking to launch a blog aftr watching this video