Online Social Media: Killer Features

I’ve been telling people but they don’t listen. Online Social Media is growing, this is the right time to get into the mind of your audience. And they just ignored me again…..Their competitors will run away with their customers and they’ll keep on serving their conventional wisdom.

Social Media Websites

What they say? Read my comments in brackets:
“How many customers are using internet, still many people don’t have computer?” (Better come out of cave now)

“What if you write articles online or you’re a blogger, you’re still not writing for any (prestigious) magazine or publication?”  (And people are continuously making their online brands)

“So what, if customers read and post reviews online for brand, we’re selling well?”  (Let’s see, for how long)

The Myth:
Online social media is an important marketing tool. But don’t confuse it with marketing strategy. In simple words, social media is one of the essential tool you use to promote your brand. That’s it. Marketing still plays 90% strategy part. Social media can’t do all the work alone. If I just create a Facebook fan page for a brand, say, casual wear category, I’ll still be needing to promote brand’s fan page on brochure, magazine ads, TV commercial, stores, press releases.

Kamil’s BONUS: Your magazine ad and flyers, should end with your brand’s Facebook fan page URL.

See how my fan page looks like?

Killer Feature 1: Interactivity
Will the Traditional Ad be Effective on the Internet? (Ad man’s first question, huh)

Nope! Why? Because internet is an an interactive medium. Social Media best works because of it’s interactivity. If your audience is interested in you, they will subscribe to your RSS feed, read your status, join your group, Retweet your quote. Consumers have full right to ignore you, hide you on their news feed.( Ad man’s spamming won’t work here.)

Question: Why do people love TV remote control?

Answer: It allows them to flip through channels as soon as ad appears.

In online world, your audience have full control what they want to see, read and hear. Advertising best works for credible brands. Those who have consumer’s permission to talk to them. New brands are not supposed to launch through advertising.

For new brands, PR , Word-of-Mouth and Online Social Media will do the best. Those new brands, who have played with these three mediums right, have a chance to offer an advertising message with consumer’s permission.


Facebook has a killer feature of showing you your favorite live feed and posts of your friends/fan pages above all others. So it doesn’t matter to have 500+ friends on your personal profile or 500,000 + fans on your fan page. If users don’t care, Facebook doesn’t care either. Marketing through this medium has become more important to get to the exact target market.

Why fan page? For example: Stone Age updates its status “50% discount, limited time offer, rush now!” via fan page and It will appear on your news feed (If you’re a fan).  And these days, where young generation is being caught red handed? They don’t read news papers or magazine or go to library. All the time they’re Facebooking, Facebooking and Facebooking.

Kamil’s BONUS 2:  As still many people don’t know how to do business through social media, you have the chance to develop a leader brand.

This is the right time for you. Right now!

Killer Feature 2: Viral Marketing
Viral Marketing is the idea where promotion is built-in the product. When product is being utilized, at the same time, the product’s value has been conveyed to everyone. The more you use the product, the more people see it. And the more people see it, the more people want to own it. And the brand and its value will spread and make the company rich along the way.

Unfortunately, every product can not utilize viral marketing. To go viral, the product has to be communications focused or very public.

For example: You might be thinking to put your (credit line) name while designing a brochure for your client. But that can’t go viral because it’s not very public.  Only you or your client knows that you designed this brochure (or your potential client whom you just given an introductory presentation of your company). Not every one, it’s not very public.


“Sent from my BlackBerry”,  this sweet note tells you how cool owning a BlackBerry could possibly be.

The car, when it moves on the road, shows its beauty along a brand name, carries a message with it self.

You “Like” or “Recommend” something on any website and your friends at Facebook know what you did “ 1 second ago”

Try for this article now:

One way to use Viral Marketing in online media is to use your brand’s fan page with your email signature. (Making it standard for every employee of the company is not a big deal, anyway.) I’m using WiseStamp signature add-on for it.

There are still some brands having exceptional target market and social media is not suitable for them. Yes, it’s possible. These brands have right to ignore me for the time being, until their consumers get sophisticated. As I said, marketing still plays 90% strategy part, social media is just a new tool to strengthen the promotional plan. 

I hope these two Killer Features of Online Social Media,  are enough to understand the importance of it and to get started .

So what else would you like to see covered here? Got ideas of your own for what’s working well on social media? Let me know in the comments below!



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    And these days, where young generation is being caught red handed? They don’t read news papers or magazine or go to library. All the time they’re Facebooking, Facebooking and Facebooking.


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