How to Develop a World-Class Online Brand via Branding & Social Media? (Series 2)

Series 1 was about why you should develop your internet brand, right now? Living example of how social media helps you to make you successful in a few years? And why you have to focus on marketing strategy first and social media second?

In Series 1, the real word was “online.” Today, the word is “Internet branding.”

As to become successful, we need a strong strategy along a strong brand name. So let’s begin our discussion from brand name.

1. New medium, new brand name:

The new medium, internet, calls for a new brand name. To dominate in any category. To capture the highest market share.  You need to launch a specialized internet brand, just like you have specialized brands in your real world. (A specialized one.)

What are you into? A business or a medium?

The first thing to decide whether you want to make money through your website (business). Or you just want to have it to inform something to your client, or anyone, about the product and services you offer (medium)?

Of course, I want to make money: (I heard that!)

Seriously? Money? Okay, so let’s get down to business.

Strategy 1: Like in the real world, the best strategy is to be first to the mind of consumers. The new brand name is required to do that.

Any renowned head hunter company in Pakistan did not launch a job site. It was Rozee , first to the mind of consumer. The best store, Barnes and Nobles, in America  didn’t launch first online book store. It was Amazon. After Amazon’s success Barnes and Noble and many others launched their online book stores. Guess what? Who’s the market leader? Amazon, of course!

All others are followers, enjoying little success, facing tough competition.

Strategy 2: The point is, get your two lovers separated ,  real world brand and internet brand, and don’t confuse your consumer by telling them that your specialized in both. It’s difficult to make your best selling real world brand in to best selling online brand (or your best selling online brand in to best selling real world brand.)

To go online, find the category in which you can be first in, then launch a second brand (with another name) for an online world. And keep your original brand as it (if any). Develop its website as a medium to stay in touch with customers. Now you have two separate brands (or lovers) to focus individually and dedicatedly. Both have its own target market.

Strategy 3: You might need to get brutal with the passage of time, when the horse gone out of its mind. It has to get shot!

That’s what exactly you have to do when you see your any brand is left with no market, and its category is dying.  You can milk it to get return on investment (ROI)(provided that it’s not at the cost of your valuable time and resources)

Look to your right, look to your left and  when you’re sure the category is dead and next thing coming is nothing but a loss….. Have a head shot!

Kamil’s BONUS: When the category dies, neither “Believing in yourself” works then, nor “Can-do attitude” . Those who are successful marketers have a marvelous ability of Can NOT do attitude: How to become successful in a shorter time.

So, got ideas of your own for what’s working well on internet branding? Would you like to read Series 3 of this article? Let me know in the comments below!



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  • Armaghan Saqib

    Thanks for a great insight. Keeping online and offline brands (strategy 2) concept is something new for me. It is interesting. I also think that here in our country the customer segments are also different. People who usually buy offline are not comfortable buying online and vice versa (I am just looking at the both kind of customers in my list).

    But in the west where almost everyone has access to internet, why should we have two separate brands? Isn't it going to drain more resources out of the company?

  • Muneeb Umar

    good good point of first to the MIND of consumer
    many ppl think it means FIRST MOVER advantage…they dont understand wt is the meaning of first to the mind …they confuse it with first to the marketplace

  • Kamil Ali

    Muneeb, tanks for the goody comment:) You raised very nice point. All what count is first MINDER advantage, not first mover advantage. Thanks.
    Yes, marketers thinks that if they have launched the brand in the marketplace, they are a winner. What they miss is to launch the brand into consumer's mind.

  • Sabeen Zehra

    hmmm to lovers seperated? 😉 you also apply these things on marketing?:)

  • Elena Guzun

    nice and interesting article

  • Kamil Ali

    Thanks Elena:)

  • Kamil Ali

    Thank you everyone

  • Kamil Ali

    Thank you