How to Develop a Word-Class Online Brand via Branding & Social Media (Series 1)

“Online” is an important word here.

Brands have been getting developed in the real world. Companies and people have been building world-class brand out of them. Some take years. Some take decades.

Now, things are little change, and they’re fast, here in the online world.

Where companies and people are developing their online brand in a few years. (Not in decades as in real world). Social media plays an important role as an add-on and an amplifier to the promotion of an online brands, as well as, the real world brands (by taking real brands to the online world).

The competition is still not that brutal, as people are still recognizing the value of social media. Still with little investment of time and money (as compare to the real world), you can be rich in a few years. Jim Chao is a Chinese guy. These days he’s earning 5 figures a month. In his first eight weeks, he made $17,408 in his network marketing business. Thousands of people around the world contact him every month in quest for his amazing marketing prowess.But let’s not get carried away by the beauty of online social media idea. The branding, the strategy, the marketing is the first thing to do. Neglect it, and you loose your internet brand.1. Internet branding first. Social media second:We’ll take a start from internet branding, and see how can we utilize social media along the way.

So, in the real world, we have many physical evidence to develop brand’s credibility. Stores, ambiance, people, and host of others.

On the other hand, in the online world, we have a very few options: Until user enter your brand name or click any shared link, you’re invisible.

That’s make brand name more important. That’s makes you to be more careful while developing an internet brand name. You need a good and strong brand name to make yourself successful in social media.


So, would you like to read the Series 2 if this article? Got ideas of your own for what’s working well on social media? Let me know in the comments below!



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  • Muneeb Umar

    saqib i think marketing is far more ahead then gettinf fans on fan pages. its just a small tool to keeo ur target market posted like i do…i become fan and then hide that status. i think the real thing is strategy

  • Muneeb Umar

    quality hi sab kuch hai warna brand kese bantay.heheheh:p

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