Linchpin Day, Linchpin Magazine and Our Meet-up (in search of Linchpins)

[Good news for already registered participants. Our coming meet-up has been already featured in Linchpin Magazine’s official website. Check out the brief (and sweet) interview of mine .  
BONUS: This is the only Pakistani meet up, featured in this magazine and did I mention that Linchpin magazine will be forwarded by Seth Godin?]

This will be a private meet-up and by invitation only.

The prerequisite:

It’s about connection and ideas. Participant has to be passionate about learning, sharing ideas and experience, and helping others for free. No sale pitches (Please!)

Objective: Please don’t take it for granted (I mean, don’t!)

1.To build a strong and long lasting network of “real” friends.
2.To find people who have a passion to contribute.
3.To share and generate Ideas. Build and spread them.

Duration: 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm (Pakistan time)
Venue: Skype
1. Introduce yourself.
2. Topic: Introduction to Linchpin by Frances Schagen. True story of people how people applied the linchpin idea to their live. How can you apply it?
3. Discussion: Participant may ask questions, present own stand points, share wisdom, experience etc..

What next?

The audio copy of the discussion will be distributed among participants. By June 21st, the discussion will be published in the Linchpin magazine which will be sold and distributed. So our meeting will go international and will be read or listened throughout the world.

This won’t be an end. It will just be a beginning of our new network of "real" friends. We’ll arrange meet ups more often.

Are you interested?

This meet up is by invitation only. Please read the prerequisite and objective of the meet up first and if you’re still interested, drop me a sweet note at and I’ll see if I can help you.

If you have an invitation, get yourself registered here and then please add me to your Skype and send me message while adding me up, “I’m a Linchpin.” ( Here’s my Skype ID : kamilriz).

[Don’t have Skype? Download now.]

See you on The Linchpin Day!



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  • Saira

    I'm Excited!!! 🙂

  • muneeb

    private meetup is good….we dont need people who want to make this network just another online social network where they can add another person as another frined. and then we start spamming and selling things to one another
    good luck my linchpin:)

  • Kamil Ali

    How do you look like when you are excited? 🙂

  • Saira

    Hmmm… I look more like a Linchpin 🙂 he he

  • Kamil Ali

    Another pun? huh? 🙂

  • Saira

    Not at all Sir! I was quite straight 🙂

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    • Kamil Ali

      Grant, thanks for your comment.

      What kind of recommendation is required? How can I help?