Mirza Bilal Khalid: Selling Strategies from The Only Youngest Branch Manager in the Banking History of Pakistan.

Today I would like to introduce a banker, a genius, Mirza Bilal Khalid, the only youngest branch manager in the banking history of Pakistan.

Bilal is a guy with guts. He makes difference in the life of his client. He sets trend to be followed by his co-workers.  He finds ways to generate business that other couldn’t find.

When everyone fails, Bilal becomes the hope. When there is darkness, Bilal is the ray of light.

He knows how to depend on others and take help of others to become successful in a shorter time. He’s brilliant. He’s genius.

For me, good speakers have a problem of not listening to others carefully. Bilal is not a good speaker only. He’s a good communicator also. He’s not merely a sales man who just would like to speak about his product. But he pauses and always ask questions when client is nodding head, expressing “yes”.

He believes the selling skills not necessarily come with experience only. For him, proper sales and marketing education is necessary to soar himself. That’s why he keeps on studying about selling strategies. And now he has made himself invincible.

Bilal is eager to learn. How can he improve, how can he get better results are questions he always asks. That’s the only reason he always keeps on nagging me by asking too much questions. (Nagging for others, not for me). In fact, I love him when he nags me.

He really has been working smart in banking field. He has been rewarded as a best seller of the new product, Sarparast (Sarparast is an investment plan, after acquisition of Emirate Global Islamic Bank by Al Barka, this product might have re named or discontinued), across Pakistan. Recently, he was invited to Karachi by his top management to provide sales training to both his seniors and juniors:  Area managers, branch managers and their teams to sell this brand. (It’s an honor)

Guess what?  After a few days, when he got back from Karachi, he’s got promoted to branch manager of Emirate Global Islamic Bank (Now known as Al Barka), Cavalry branch, Lahore.

I asked his secret of winning series of peaks in his life. The experienced salesman, like Bilal, might have denounced sales educational contribution. Many of experienced salesmen might disagree as they believe lifelong sales experience is enough.

On the contrary, he answered simply and provided us two ways to become a genius, which applies to almost every field.

He said, “I merge my education with experience and ROCK!”

                        Education + Experience = Easier to Rock!

Then I asked “What’s the top skill you think is essential, other than selling, to become successful more easily?”

He replied Easily accept that you can’t do everything yourself. Learn how to get help from others

         Top skill to become successful easily = Marketing yourself

Mirza Bilal Khalid is just 26 years old. Younger in age. Younger in experience.  Yet, not younger to become the only youngest branch manager in the banking history of Pakistan. Bilal received the certificate of achievements for the best Relationship Manager 2010, from president of Emirate Global Islamic Bank, Tariq Hussain.

Here are some of Bilal’s secrets of advanced selling strategies. This is the original presentation he made to the area managers, branch managers and their teams in the training session in Karachi.

He’s too generous to share it with me and asked me to share his experience to everyone I can for FREE!

It’s free. Read it, share it, but please don’t sell or change it. Here’s his gift to you:



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  • sdz

    Well wel….i jus got to knw that behind this funny, happy go lucky nature kind ov a person dere iz a talented nd genius guy hidden in you. I am jus so very proud of you nd happy after seeing all ur achievments…..may u always shine like a star nd nd achieve al ur goals nd get success in whatever you do…..All da very best for everythng….keep ROCKING man…..$idz: )

  • Saira

    Very nice Mr. Bilal ! 🙂

    And the presentation is stuff we can learn a lot from. Thumbs up!

    Kamil! I think this person can be kept in pipeline following 'Kamil' on board 🙂

  • Kamil Ali

    sdz Thanks for your comment!

    Bilal is one great example. Keep praying and appreciating every emerging talent of Pakistan!
    I think everyone can be a genius.

    You don't have to be a Noble Prize winner to be one!


  • Saira

    Ya I remember 🙂

    I'm waiting for shifting to new campus 🙂
    Can I get his detailed profile? On linkedin may be…

  • Kamil Ali

    Thanks for your comment Sameera!

    Appreciating is one of the best thing we can do!
    I always support people who are worth talking about and want to take initiatives.

    See you around!:)

  • Kamil Ali

    I'm not sure he has LinkedIn.
    I think for the poster on the board, this post is enough.
    Just a good picture of him is required. 🙂

  • ujjwaltrivedi

    Great stuff.. way to go dude!

  • Kamil Ali

    Thanks Ujjwal!
    Hi I asked many times. Which one is you official blog?:)

  • ujjwaltrivedi

    until I unveil ujjwaltrivedi.com it is http://uvtimes.blog.com/

  • Sameera

    waiting for ur new post Kamil Bhai!!

  • Syed Qasim Sohail

     This is a huge achievement and we should appraise people like Mr. Bilal Khalid. 

    In Pakistan we lack heroes and role models to be followed.  Best of luck Mr. Bilal khalid. 

    Kamil good work … we should appreciate people like Mr. Bilal so that they can be an inspiration for others to follow 

    • http://www.kamilali.com/ Kamil Ali

      Thanks for your comment Qasim,

      The best thing is that you realized his efforts. There are may  heroes to come. They need a lot encouragement in this time of turmoil.