10 Things Marketers Remember but Forget (Series 2)

Experience is important. Putting it on the right path is essential. When we follow only experience we tend to neglect many right directions that wisdom taught us. On the other hand, when we follow only knowledge, the experience is required to avoid devastating loss.

When we have both, we make ourselves invincible! That’s the objective of my Series: “10 Things Marketers Remember but Forget”.

In Series 1, I raised 10 points for marketers. Now Series 2 is again, easy to memorize, summarize and utilize. Here’re 10 points for you:

Marketing guys…..

1.Remember offering discounts and coupons will clear out the stock but forget how it will clear out the brand from the consumer’s mind (and then from the marketplace) in the long run.

2. Remember the strategy in competitive environment worked some years back but forget today they’re surviving in the ultra-competitive environment. (Where their successful strategy fails)

3. Remember that communicating to consumer will resolve the brand’s problem but forget communication itself has become a problem.

4. Remember they have right to interrupt consumer with ads (through every possible media) but forget consumers have right (and have learnt) to neglect ads too.

5. Remember TV commercial will work but forget how consumers will love name-calling them when they are interrupted while watching their favorite sports.
6. Remember to make campaign to entertain consumers but forget entertainment is good, as far as, you’re in entertainment business.
7. Remember getting into consumer’s mind through interruption is expensive yet difficult but forget getting into consumers’ mind through permission is comparatively easier, inexpensive and effective.
8. Remember targeting young generation is best due to its major market but forget their brands stands for older folks.

9. Remember newbie marketer should learn from their experienced one but forget what they can learn from a newbie one to bring their organization to the next level.

10. Remember differentiation will build the brand but forget generic name like, General, Star, Burger Shop or Coffee Shop, is NOT required to make the brand different.



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  • Misha

    Hi Kamil..
    Point 5 is really valid.I think marketers need to place the ads really carefully because as a viewer i have often called names to the commercials that come in between indo Pak match or my favourite reality show.As far as entertainment is concerned, i think its not restricted to entertainment business, if giving entertainment to consumers along with business is serving your purpose then its really cool. Omore sells its icecreams and entertain people with its jingle and fun ads so i think customer's entertainment should be considered as an integral part in campaigns.
    Point 7 of "getting permission instead of interruption" How can we seek permission from consumers in context of advertisements ?

  • tanweer

    Its looks you are doing a research work on brand marketing, are you doing some thesis to get Ph.D. I want to see a good result productive in grips

  • tanweer

    Do some productive work

  • Sameera

    Hi Kamil Bhai!
    Sorry for replying u after such a long time for this older post because of work overload….
    I have read series 1 of "10 things marketers remember but forget" now and have got the right meaning of statement 3.Thanks for clearing my concepts.

  • Kamil Ali

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  • Sameera

    yes sure i will be joining on Linchpin Day

  • Kamil Ali

    Reminder: You didn't sign up for that yet.

  • Kamil Ali

    Sorry Sameera your comment has been mistakenly removed.