Quiz: What do you know about Marketing?

Yeah, yeah I know you know too much that’s why I’ve posted this quiz 🙂

Recently, I posted an interesting (yet simple) quiz on my Squidoo Lens. People who met me after taking quiz said they didn’t post their results because they scored, according to them:  “Aaaa …Just average”.

Some other responses to the quiz: “I thought I was right but…”, “What the….”,”How can you prove it?”, “But I WAS RIGHT!!!”

I still say, this quiz is simple. And you still can score 100%.

Try it!
You guys are eager to do something.
That’s why you’re keep on reading my words and I keep on typing it.

Oh yeah! Please don’t afraid to post your result by clicking on Comment at the end of this post. (I won’t hurt you. I’ll rather tell you what to do about it)

Click here for the Quiz: What do you know about Marketing? or just copy and paste into address bar (if URLs are more dear to you) : http://www.squidoo.com/brandings



  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ahmer-Masood-Qazi/1121095377 Ahmer Masood Qazi

    i have got 8 out of 10 🙁

    • http://www.kamilali.com/ Kamil Ali

      Not bad. Doesn’t matter. Keep on digging marketing. You’ll score well:)