10 things Marketers Remember but Forget (Series 1)

I met many experienced and brilliant marketing guys. Due to their extensive experience, they know almost every aspect of marketing. The sad part is: They remember one thing and forget another. That makes me very depressed!
Here are my first series of 10 points for you, I’m bringing up. Easy to memorize, summarize and utilize. (I’ll keep on posting 10 by 10 points in coming days)
Marketing guys……..
1. Remember they should produce product what customers want or need, 
 but forget if customers knew about their wants and needs, they were marketers too.
2. Remember the single (not double or triple) word for the brand name is better,
but forget number of syllables is also important to count, even if we use double word for brand name(e.g Facebook is a good brand name with two syllables)
3. Remember packaging options should be exposed to consumers to observe “which one will be selected  by the consumer”,
but forget RedBull was a failure, not only in selection of packaging, but also in selection of brand name and   taste. (Customers almost always betray you!)
4. Remember blue color is boyish and pink is girlish for their brands, 
 but forget using opposite color to key competitor will differentiate the brand.
5. Remember refreshing logo is good for the brand,
 but forget changing logos, like Pepsi , can change
the consumer’s perception and confuse consumers for nothing. (Slight change is better)
Radical Change (Pepsi)
Slight Change (KFC)
6. Remember how to increase sales through brand extension,

but forget how it will destroy the original brand.

7. Remember that effective advertising should be repeated (repeated and repeated)

 but forget they should also repeat (repeat and repeat) only one idea/slogan/positioning in order to burn into consumer’s mind.
8. Remember definition of positioning,
 but forget the steps required for successful positioning in order to stick the brand into consumer’s mind.
9. Remember the procedures involved in execution,
 but forget the total sync of strategy and vice versa.
10. Remember what they are doing is right as they themselves have been (and everyone has been doing for years) 
but forget to have a peek to know new world of marketing wisdom to keep abreast of the change. (World is changing, so does marketing)
Kamil’s BONUS: Those who have got a chance should acquire knowledge before landing their first job. If not, at least get marketing education during your job. Experience can be acquired by doing job, anyway. At least, you will remember one thing and will  (also) remember another.



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  • Ali

    Amazing ideas! Kamil it is very nicely summarized!I have been neglecting these type issues

  • Ali

    Amazing ideas! Kamil it is very nicely summarized!I have been neglecting these type issues

  • Muneeb Umar

    Love this post. Specially your idea on refreshing logo! YES its my own experience that I used to think about brand in other sense if that brand has also changed its product. i think change is better but people shd not think that you have other products features

  • ujjwaltrivedi

    Interesting post! Enjoyed reading it… Keep it up!

  • Kamil Ali

    Thanks Ujjwal!
    I'm sure you'll also enjoy the coming series!

  • Kamil Ali

    Thanks for commenting Muneeb!
    Actually, logo is one of the major issue people don't understand. They follow leader brands. But leader brands has also have some exception on their side due to their leadership.

    Although, Pepsi move is wrong. It might won't hurt Pepsi THAT MUCH. But will definitely hurt if alsoran/weak brand adapt it

  • Sabeen Zehra

    its good to use these points in class participation, assiginments & projects
    lemme go to my next class to challenge my prof:)

  • Saira

    "Something that requires less effort in reading; great effort has been put into writing it"

    Excellent Composition!!! Masha Allah

    I'm glad people from UCP are into such marvelous jobs 🙂 You people are no doubt the asset of our Institution and a source of inspiration for the upcoming talent like us.

  • Kamil Ali

    I’m UCP alumnus now, more than three years back I was a student in PCBA, spend more than five years there! Delivered some lectures there too. Good memories.

    I think everyone is an asset because everyone can be a genius. You’re a genius too. If you have exceptional abilities and insight to find that not so obvious solution to the problem, if it’s a new way to resolve a problem. You’re a genius, if you make something work that wasn’t working before.

    Think, how can you be a genius? How can you write an article or a post that will help other solving their problems? Can you start a blog that can make a difference in people live? If you can. You’re a genius. Trust me!

    You don’t need to win a Noble Prize to be one.

  • Saira

    Ha ha. You're so passionate man! 🙂

    Well once one gets to explore one's 'Core Competence' then one may start a blog. Hmmm… may be.

    What do you say? Should one be Master of one or can a Jack of all Trades also succeed like a Master??? (This thing has always been tangling my mind as I've not been able to find MY Territory as yet.)

    Why dont you take some courses now? In visiting… Many of our professors take a class and drive away. Why dont you? 🙂

  • Kamil Ali

    Saira! Thanks for replying back

    Agreed. Finding a core competence, or to be specific, finding your passion is a key to launch a blog.
    There’s nothing wrong to be a jack of all trades, BUT one has to ‘position’ himself/herself as a “specialized” to build a his/her brand. You have to sacrifice many other attributes of yours.

    Think of a Michael Jackson, he was great vocalist, dancer, and musician. In other words, jack of all trades. Did he scarify to build his brand? Yes! He was a”King of Pop”. He promoted himself and his audience also. I talked about “positioning yourself” in my older article : The Band 56ix: How marketing works for musical bands? Here’s the direct link http://kamilali.com/2010/03/10-things-marketers-remember-but-forget-series-1/#comment-98

    I love to take courses for delivering lectures but I doubt UCP’s management expectations are … I can’t talk about it over here, actually: )

  • Saira

    I understand 🙂

  • Kamil Ali

    Thankds Ali, wait for the Series 2.
    Might be in the 1st week fo April

  • Great article, thanks. I think you’re completely right about the value of training. Without training we’re all just hoping for the best and trying to avoid failing. Coaching helps us focus on what matters.