“Can NOT Do Attitude”: How to Become Successful in a Shorter Time?

You can do it!
“You can do it” is, perhaps, the most over-delivered idea.

Can you save brand, through over investing, if its category is dying?

Can you build a brand by making it known for many ideas?

Did America won the Vietnam War with “can-do” attitude?

Don’t get it? Keep reading….

Problem lies in looking inside yourself: Trying-harder thinking, believing in yourself. Positive thinker says “Everything is possible, even impossible says I-M-Possible, if only we try harder.” Yet, many things are not possible, no matter how harder we try.

What do you think? How Donald Trump built his empire?
Either by doing everything himself or other(s)?
Ask Donald Trump. And he would say “Hye, Dad, How about $ 50 million?” (His bestselling book: The Art of the Deal)

Let say, you start you career at the age of 25. After 25 years, you’re 50.Ask yourself what’s the best time of your life to enjoy with your family and friends (to the fullest)? Is it when you’re in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or 50’s, 60’s, 70’s? ….I heard that! You just said, 20’s, 30’s….

You can NOT do everything yourself! Don’t see inside yourself for success. Look outside (and all around) yourself for success. That’s how you do marketing for yourself. Be outward-oriented!

Why it’s a good idea to join your parent’s business? Or get education then join your parent’s line of work? Because you get too much support of other(s)! (Your father’s experience, good job through his references etc.). Yes, doing your passionate job is important, but that’s another story. (We’ll talk about it some other time)

You can NOT do everything yourself!

Where’s your ego? Grab it, throw it, smash it!

Your every (single) ability, aggressiveness, smartness will go to the doggy (and might be the pussy cat), if you can’t get help of others to grow yourself.
Believing in yourself is not (that much) bad. Believing NOT in others is bad. Taking NOT help of others, asking others NOT to help you grow, doing all by yourself, I can do anything, the can-do attitude or trying harder is (very) bad.

Do you sell yourself and buy yourself?Or do you need a buyer to buy you (or your product)?

Was President Zardari elected by public or he elected himself?

If your father is living abroad in a well developed country (e.g. USA), would you ask him to get you settled in that country or you can do it yourself? In this era, nobody has that much time to work hard, collect money, find his/her own resources and (only) then go aboard. I ask, why? Why, when the last part “find his/her own resources” was all around you in the first place? Where’s your ego? Grab it, throw it, smash it!

Kamil’s BONUS 1: My advice is to look all around you for success. Success is something others do for you through lesser effort by you, perhaps in a shorter time.

A friend of mine has a great family business and he told me once:“I want to make my own identity”.

I asked “Wow, but how?”He replied “Well, I’ll ask my father to pour in money.” My friend is brilliant!

On the contrary, we’ll find many aggressive youngsters saying that:
“I want to prove myself”. Wow, but how?

I tell you how: Serve your passion, spend 25 years of your life (or the whole life) for achieving a success. Be self-dependent enough. Don’t depend on others. Almost, all by doing yourself. You can do it.

Now, I tell you how, through marketing: Serve your passion (if necessary), spend a few years or months of your life for achieving a success. Depend on others. Almost, all by doing through others. You cannot do it (alone).

Kamil’s BONUS 2: Success is something  “Brought to you by others”. Not “brought to you by you.” That’s why you have to focus on others, believe in others.

What can you (quickly) do right now!:

1. First of all, forget your company: Don’t expect your company to promote you in this era. Companies are too busy downsizing, reorganizing jobs, redefining job description, restructuring, merger, acquisition and global competition. Listen! Your career is in your own hands. 

Think yourself as a product, a brand! (Not an employee!)

2. Then forget your HR department: They won’t take care of you either. No matter, how much career planning they do for you. Your career and job will swing on the spur of the moment (when downsizing, reorganizing jobs, redefining job description, restructuring, merger, acquisition will occur!)

3. And then remember these points: Take help of other (people/things) in shape of references, letters of recommendation, testimonials, investments, product, idea and blog.
a.The other person could be anyone: Your colleagues, employers, spouse, parents, friends, school friends, business partner, or other your relationships, like, with Barack Obama.

b. Letters of recommendation, endorsement or testimonials: From professor, employer, author, client etc.

Investments: From Parents, friends, business partner, spouse etc

Product: Buy a breakthrough product (as RedBull’s founder did), invest in other products, or invent a product to personify yourself (as Steve Jobs did and doing)

Personal relationships: We all know many people don’t deserve to have their posts. Why don’t you develop better relationship with people who are in key posts and ask them to help you get a great job or help you in promotion? There are many ways doing it.
Idea: Learn to recognize a good idea (as 56ix did), invent an idea, borrow an idea (as HitBox did), or sell your idea. If your ideas don’t sell, blog it. At least, you will have a chance to brag about it and presenting it somewhere else, e.g. interview.

Blog: Start your own blog. Online presence is essential and can make you indispensable. Share your thoughts on your blog then put it on your resume. Putting every achievement on your resume and online profiles would be the best idea.

I have many other marketing ideas for marketing yourself. But I think you guys have worn out reading it.

Tell me! If you need more marketing yourself strategies! I’m waiting….




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  • irfanzafar

    Excellent posts. Kamil has excellent ideas and exposure for branding and marketing. I always enjoyed reading his ideas and thoughts. Keep writing and posting…

  • Kamil Ali

    Thanks Rameez! The best way to do marketing for yourself. Be outward-oriented is the name of the game. It could be person, company, product, or idea. etc

  • sallo45

    while i do agree to the point of view that has been put forward here. i must say that the readers (specially young students and professionals) should be very carefull not to get carried away with this "depend on others" idea. Althouh it is good to depend on others and use them as a ladder to move up, what is gonna reward you at the top of this ladder is you own abilities and expertise and hard work. cuz even if u get the best support from people around you, if you do not deserve a position or donot have the capability to do justice with your position/job/business-needs then you will be thrown down and then there is no getting up from that point on.

    So… give it your best shot, study, wrok hard, believe in yourself evalutae your intellact and abilities and then yes, if there is some help that you can grab from here and there, try to use others' expirience/help/support to "Boost" your career. While it is important in this era and the-real-world that you click the right buttons at the right time to move up, you must never solely depend on your surroundings to make you a hero. cuz when you'll be performing any given task your knowledge is gonna count.

    as for the smashing your ego part is concerned, i wouldnt agree to it cuz at the end of the day dignity comes with ego (although i would say that un-neccessary ego is a killer! for instance if your boss is kicking your ass, try to take it possitively and make changes that are needed to make the situation otherwise. although some bosses are incompetent themselves and thats where your EQ counts!! –emotional quotient).

    ITs just like a battle field my friends! you just never know what to expect and you are the best judge of what steps to take at runtime. Where having the right ammunition and training counts but you gotta know what to do with it [say you have good relationship with your battle-field commander and he handed you over the best gun and a huge amount of ammunition and there is a Tank's key in your pocket but u dont have the right training for all of this… before you even realize it, your fellow souldiers are gathering your body parts from the battelfield in order to send your body back home and a day or two later you are 6 feet under…]

    Be the Shark and sharks have Ego! thats what has kept them at the top of the food chain. they are beasts and have a dignity doing what they do. but in order to achieve that position yes u need to have the ability to be a shark. if you have a heart of a chicken, you are dead. Nevertheless, the beauty aof being a 'Human' is that you can learn and train youself to be the 'Shark'. Although i donot completely disagree to this whole idea of using others. no! its just that there should be a ballance in everything in your professional life.

  • Kamil Ali

    Salman or sallo45:) Thanks for the comment! Nice thoughts too!

    We’re almost on the same boat!

    There's nothing wrong in getting education, improve your skills, also doing justice with your position/job/business-needs. The problem trying harder on your own, believing on yourself only and forgetting others. No one can achieve anything all by himself/herself. That’s the problem these days. People don’t know how do marketing for themselves! That’s fit your battlefield example. Who said that skills are not important? We discussed that depending on others is essential to get successful in this era.

    What happen to sales manager who could not meet his sales target this month or year? What management asks him? “Try harder next, you’ll be successful”. That’s exactly what a sales manager says to himself “I’ll try harder time, I’ll be successful next time” That’s the hard way.

    What’s the easier way? That’s what this article talks about!

    The ability, aggressiveness, smartness, skill, education won’t work until you can’t learn depend on other(s) (things/people etc) to make you successful. If you want to only depend on your ability, aggressiveness, smartness etc.That’s the hard way. And in today’s ultra competitive environment, others will carry the day who knows how to do “marketing for yourself”.

    Smash your ego, in the sense of doing all by yourself. For example, feed your ego and don’t ask your father, to get you settled abroad. Feed your ego, and don’t ask help from others etc. (because I can do anything all by myself) So you’re right! “Un-neccessary ego is a killer!”

    Being a shark is good. As far as, you have a skill to look all around yourself for success. Keep on asking help and depending on others.

    Actually, there are many points and strategies to talk about, in greater detail. I kept the article short enough to get the idea through.

  • Saira

    Hmmm… A real thought provoking post!

    I felt it to be a totally different kind of approach, which somewhat sounds to be crashing with personal ethics but I'm convinced that Can NOT do attitude is the easier way of getting job done in the contemporary world.

    I'm a business student and by accident, kind of perfectionist.

    Few days ago, my status on facebook was like "Being a Perfectionist is kind of punishment itself" as things get harder on a perfectionist..

    But now I'm getting that its not the Perfection which makes you get fatigued like anything but keeping everything in your hand, doing everything by yourself, not depending upon others. So this post would really help me out change my attitude towards work in future.

    This is not just a post, this is a PHILOSOPHY!!! Thumbs up Man!

  • Muneeb Umar

    kamil its an amazing thought. Now I am looking at success from different angle.
    very nicely co related to the practicle life of ours .

    Yes i read salmans and yours comment you are talking the same you have cleared out the misconception people have about success. yes making your self powerful is also important but nothing will work if you do not learn to depend on other and marketing yourself

  • Saira

    Well Marketing yourself is truly an art but I STILL HAVE TO LEARN to be an artist with Kamil bonuses 🙂

    Thanks for your response.

    Looking forward to more cool stuff from your side in future.

  • Frances Schagen

    Hi Kamil, This applies to all aspects of our lives, not just business. It's much easier to understand if you think about breakfast and getting dressed. We don't all raise chickens, pigs and grains. Nor do we tan leather and make shoes or grow and weave cotton to make clothes. What makes us think we have to do it all in business lives?

  • Imran M. Ismail

    Hi Kamil

    I like your idea of personal success (branding) as an interdependent not an independent activity. Surely We Can attitude is a key to success.