The Band 56ix: How marketing works for musical bands?

Pakistani band brands have been neglecting the power of branding. In retrospect, branding had made more bands powerful than ever. If you have got a band, I’m sure you want to sustain it for a long term, not for just giving some hit songs and get disappeared. Band requires differentiation, so does personal brand, and musical bands are more personal.
The world’s most successful and valuable brands have been differentiating. They were first to create a new category or finding a niche in an existing (or already created) category.

Mostly, the vocalists or bands are good at finding niche in an existing category as the singing in seven raags or music is already defined, they just have to innovate it and find their own chunk of a pie, but these vocalist has to own a word as a specialists. For example: In Pakistan, Alamgir created the pop music category, Junaid Jamshed found his niche by following Alamgeer’s foot step. Junaid Jamshed owned a word ‘patriotic pop singer’ through his debuted song , Dil Dil Pakistan .

Big brands always stands for something. They are different! Think of the differentiation of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Kishore Kumar, Junaid Jamshed, and now the vocalist of 56ix, Rana Farooq.

After a long time, we’ve found a superb example of a band brand and we’ve a lot to learn from them. It seems that they’ve very good marketing strategies, business and branding education. That band is, The Band56ix!
The Band 56ix’s vocalist, Farooq, has an amazing quality of voice. He beautifully sings in female voice and vice versa. Yes, writing a ‘female’ is not a typing error and he sings in male voice too. And that’s the best part. 56ix’s versatility!

The good thing is that they use their best word, ‘versatile’ in video, interview or whereever it’s possible. It’s a good example of marketing integration! In the interview on PMR’s website they said, “The vocalist of the band 56ix, Farooq has proven that the band is unique and versatile to the maximum extent”. Sounds strategic!

What next they should do?

The band 56ix should promote it self with the name “56ix” only, not “The Band 56ix”. The word “the” is an additional word that, for nothing, makes the name longer. It used to be that companies always named themselves that way. Those were good old days, when society was not over communicated. But these days, in over communicated society and ultra-competitive environment , it just makes the name unnecessarily longer.

Kamil’s BONUS 1: The word is the first thing that makes the word transfer from one mouth to another, to spread. Developing brand name required sophistication. It’s a specialized job. Don’t gather four friends in a room to decide a name what they like.

It’s always better to have shorter name which is easy to remember, easy to spread and memorable. Using the “The” takes the emphasis away from spreading the word 56ix.

Test now yourself, which one is easier to spell out: The-band-fif-ty-six or fif-ty-six.

My suggestion is to just use 56ix as the name. Of course, this can be changed easily on most places.
Having the “The” makes the web site address longer too. In online world, shorter is the better. Guess what? Here they are going on the right path. The website is Now guys at 56ix! Don’t you ever listen to any of your best friend’s suggestion who wants this domain to get diverted to . Never!

They should stand for one thing. The band has already created a category, but they still need to spread the word across the world. When the brand stands for something it spells the cast to the audience due to its specialty.
Final thoughts:
1. Never EVER Loose these word: Versatile Vocalist
2. NEVER get bored with these words. A day will come when some creative guy from an advertising agency will come to you and say “Don’t you get bored with these words? Let’s change it to get refreshed”. Refreshing up is good, as far as 56ix is stick with “Versatile Vocalist” idea.
3. Remember! You have to enter in the MIND of the consumer FIRST, not in the marketplace. So it’s “first-MINDER-advantage” not first-mover-advantage! And guess what 56ix is already first. Keep reinforcing it, (should be the next step.)
4. Make a blog of 56ix or personal blog. Online social media  is growing. I’m not sure about the existence of other bands’ blog in Pakistan. Hint: Think global; blog will also promote you globally. 56ix has an opportunity. Searh engines also love blogs. Better hurry!
Owning a word in mind test:

Question: Who is/was the "King of Pop" ?
Right Answer: Michael Jackson.
Wrong Answer: I don’t know.

When you put the above mentioned test to your band, you should always get right answer from yourself and your audience.

Michael Jackson has an amazing ability to recognize a branding idea. He promoted (and his audiences, too) the slogan “King of Pop”. Although, he was also a great dancer and musician. But the word he owned was only ONE (not two, three or four words) which also leveraged his market leadership, The King of Pop’s competitors were never able to copy him, in other words, it was his “distinctive competitive advantage”. There are evidences that Michael Jackson was an inspiration to many vocalist and bands entered to the music field.

Kamil’s BONUS 2: Always keep on asking yourself:

1. "What’s my band’s point of difference?" (Remember: Being different is not equal to being better)
2. "What my band stands for?"
3. "What the word I should own in the mind of my audience (like Michael Jackson did)?"

56ix and every band should not forget what the King of Pop died teaching them.



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  • Ali

    Wow!!! very nice article. this is the first article i ever read for marketing BANDS.
    Let me subsribe the RSS GOOGLE READER

  • Samia

    56IX IS REALLLY a cool band i love faroooqss voice such a smart cute simger

  • Jabeen

    The onnnnlllyyy versatile vocalst where were you? and KAMIL WHERE WERE YOU??? 🙂

  • Gohar

    Well, i'd say that singing in both voices is not new many indian singers have been doing this. They just didn't promote it. so what if it is amazing? I can bring many singers who can do this. why don't your try that genes book award you may get a award there by showing your female voice

  • Brian

    Kamil! Very nice!
    When we talk about marketing most of the bands don't consider marketing for their brands. They think they can promote their songs in concerts, on MTV or online.

    All these efforts worth a lot but the most important parts, branding and marketing strategies, are missing links: The way of thinking (without marketing) and success of a band in the long run.

    I think, in your country, they understand the promotion/sponsorship stuff but they don't believe in marketing.


  • Michael Chaffin


    Great blog…really like the vanishing toast banner and of course the respective subject of vanishing brands.

    With regard to the band brand post, liked it also. What your saying is that brands are established first with great (remarkable) content and experiences…typically by owning an edge, or as you call it a niche. The communications strategy should be secondary. Often, this is not the case. Companies focus on the logo, website, e newsletter style first, without honing the actual experience or product into something remarkable.

    Musicians have an advantage over many other products when it comes to building an audience. The emotional power and social nature of music should be leveraged with personal connections when building an audience. This comes easier for a musician than for someone selling soap. Music is a natural extension of our social tendencies…very powerful.

    Great stuff,


  • Anonymous

    Great summary of the most important concept in marketing: Own a word in the mind.

    Al Ries

  • Ali the Great

    hey! did u get paid to use there name over here? if not.. its not a good marketing… heheheh

  • Kamil Ali

    @ Zohaib
    Thanks for your comment

    Like every brand needs marketing
    Every one needs marketing too!

  • Kamil Ali

    Thanks for your comment!

    You have a great understanding too! You read my band brand article between the lines
    That's the most important ability!

    Yes it's easy for a musician as they are already invloved in media. They are at advantage. That's why people, involved in media, get more popularity and more coverage than any other category e.g soap. But in the long run they suffer if they don't use marketing and don't be remarkable!

  • Kamil Ali

    @ Mr.Ries

    It's an HONOR to have you on my blog. It means my words worth alot.

    "Owning a word in mind" is the conept you taught me! Thanks for everything you did!

    Please keep visiting

  • Kamil Ali


    Thanks for your comment
    Yes 56ix is great that's why they worth this endorsement.

    I'm here to save brands. I support everyone who use makreting effectively or want to use it.55ix has an ability of recognizing the million dollar idea! Even most of the experienced marketers are good at neglecting good ideas.

  • Anonymous

    O My God…
    Band 56ix ???

    kamil thankyou very much for writing about one of my favourite bands. the supa.dupa.stars!
    they are so damn goood… i heard them this month live in a concert. was like a dream come true. My God… the vocalist was fantastic and the guitarists were no less.
    farooq changed his voice standing right there and i could hear people screaming for more of farooq.

    i agree with zeenya, farooq is surely the king of falseto.

    keep it up guys, keep rocking.
    love u alot

    your craziest fan eva


    p.s. can u also post more of this band's songs/performances? thankew!

  • Kamil Ali

    @ Ujala

    Thanks for your comment!

    I write for helping brands excel. 56ix deserves to have this article. What they don't deserve is to copy other bands.

    And I hope if they keep recognizing effective marketing strategies, they won't lose focus(the word is recognizing). This is also a superb ability, a few people have!

    They are unique. Every band can be unique and every band needs marketing, desperatly!

  • Sabeen Zehra


  • Abdul Rehman

    my suggestion is 56ix could be (fixx)

  • Muneeb Umar

    fixx???? wht do mean by that rehman? u mean the voice or the name or anything else

  • Kamil Ali

    Abdul, thanks for your feedback for 56ix,

    I'll appreciate if you can be more specific.I think you're talking about the brand name, 56ix?

  • Abdul Rehman

    yes my dear brother…i m talking about brand name…. The-band-fif-ty-six..i think we can say that (f-i-x)
    that is my opinion….thanks…

  • Abdul Rehman

    Muneeb Umar bheee….i m talking about brand name….

  • Kamil Ali

    Thanks for your comment Abdul,

    Fix…hmm why do you say that? Any specific reason behing suggesting this brand name?

    I didn't wrote this article,specifically, for brand name of 56ix. But that's an interesting topic too, let's discuss!