Managing Morale in Times of Change

I’d like to share an interesting (and interactive) discussion on “Managing morale in a time of change” initiated by Dr. Ed Brenegar, a management consultant . The best thing about it is, it involves different standpoints by contributors from different countries.

We all know, due to recession we’re facing one problem majorly—more work load due to downsizing. So do you think for leaders maintaining morale of their people who see their responsibilities is growing as the company reduces costs through layoffs and consolidation???

36 participants shared their wonderful thoughts. I wish, I were 37th.

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  • Kamil Ali

    Ed, It's my pleasure. it's an honor to have you ebook on my blog. Worth sharing ideas always spread. Just like this one!
    I'll look forward to your new ebooks and would like to participate in the discussions,

  • Rameez

    Dr Ed It is very diffucult for me as an employee to dont get increament for years and still working hard for them. Atleast money does count. companies are selfish they don't think for employees

  • Haider

    good discusion but i think the situation in pakistan is different form that of usa,uk,canada or india

  • Shaukat

    Dear Ed
    How do you see sexual harassment at workplace? sometimes it happens that especially male worker is blamed that he harassed a female fellow. But actually he never did that.
    What is the solution to these sort of problems?

  • Soina Khan

    Love this discussion. How can I be the part of it?
    I think morale is individual responsibility. Every one should be responsible for his action.
    If we start blaming on one another the discussion will never end.

  • facebook-696708318

    Sorry I'm so late returning to the conversation here.
    I'm interested in what you see as the difference between Pakistan and these other countries.
    What kind of work do you do?

  • facebook-696708318

    Soina Khan,
    You are already part of this discussion, just by posting a comment. Thank you.
    I agree that morale is an individual responsibility. Blaming other people is not the answer. We must look at our own contribution to understand a morale problem in a business.
    Part of the problem is found in how businesses are organized. This is a much bigger topic that can be covered here. Simply said, if the way you do things doesn't make it easier for people to do their work, to work collaboratively with one another, and for the business to grow, then it needs to change.
    People are the most expensive and most important asset that a company has. Creating a caring environment is one of the keys to the problem of morale in the workplace.

  • Kamil Ali

    Dr. Ed,
    Please correct if if i'm wrong suggesting Muneed about running errands : "Never say that's not my job to your boos. For your boss, everything is your job which you have asked to get done. Even if it's running an errand."

  • Haider

    i work for a bank. im a relationship manager i visit clients and bring in business its liek sales job , i have to create my portfolio and meet targets
    i see that pakistan is different form other countries in other countries employees have many benefits n facilities and are also paud higher and there are many other things through which they can keep them selves happy.