Engro Foods’ Olper’s “for all purposes”?

“Our brand’s sales will increase” thinking goes “If we’ll promote various ways of using our brand”

That’s a mistake!

If Haleeb talks to the tea-drinking market with its thick milk, Milk Pak talks to health conscious market with its nutritious or vitamin milk. With whom Olper’s talks to? Do you know? Me neither!

First of all, what is Olper’s? It’s good for drinking, making tea, custard, cakes, you name it.
Your brand can only stand for one word! One brand can own one positioning at a time. Olper’s should have an “attribute” to dominate in the mind of consumers like Haleeb and Milkpak do.Think Safeguard. It has only one target market, kids. Safeguard is talking to kids about germs-free revolution. So what do you think that elders don’t use Safeguard?

Here’s the trick: Brand should be best for one purpose or one target market (with substantial market) and the consumers of other target market will follow you (on their own, if required) because you’re the best of the breed (in your category)

Now look at  “brand-for-All-Purpose” issue from another aspect :
You have one pizza and four friends. Your friends won’t allow you eat full pizza (in the front of their eyes) when they are also available there to do the same.  Neither your competitors in the milk (or almost any) category will allow you to put the whole (yummy) market share in to your tummy.

Kamil’s BONUS: What’s the lesson? Well, the lesson is to get a chunk of a pizza.

Olper’s are trying to be the “better” from its competitors, where it supposed to be “different” from its competitors. They should adapt a “differentiation strategy”.

I think, Olper’s still has opportunity with its current brand. If Milkpak has drinking market and Haleeb has liquid tea whitener market, what market Olper’s should have? You can find it easily!!! When you will find the answer, that would be the category to dominate the market leadership for Olper’s. Olpers cannot become in “drinking milk” . Although, Haleeb is losing market share due its own mistakes. Sounds like an opportunity for alsorans!

About the yogurt market:  I think, yes, Olper’s has an opportunity to capture the market. Because Nestle and Haleeb are making the line-extension mistake by putting their names on its yogurts (eiher). For that, Olper’s should launch a new brand (with a new brand name, of course!) and position it as special yogurt brand.

Nestle and ,may be, Haleeb are working good with their yogurt because of three reasons:

1.Competition is weak.
2.Their competitors are making the same line extension mistake.
3.There is no specialized yogurt brand in Pakistani marketplace.

Olper’s could also come up with fruit yogurt with (again) a new brand name. That’s the way they can dominate any one yogurt market, fruit or regular. Not for everyone and not for all purposes.
P.S: Now watch this latest TV commercial of Olper’s Milk. And ask yourself. Is that’s the point of difference of Olper’s Milk “Mukamal Doodh, Mukamal Zindagi, Subha Bakahir Zindagi”? In English “Complete Milk, Complete Life, Good Morning Life”

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  • Ali

    Oplers babays where r u? read this

    • Mr Bilu_63

      as compared to haleeb  Olper is too good ,,, 

      • http://www.kamilali.com/ Kamil Ali

        We were more interested in knowing the difference in strategy!
        For me, Haleeb’s strategy (Think milk) )was better, but they could sustain it

        Thanks for your dropping by and comment Bilu!:)

  • Rahi

    Zabardast,olpers ko masla tau ho ga long term mai
    kamil tum ne kamaal kar dia

  • Zainab

    this article should be published before the Olper's launching

  • Kamil Ali

    Miss Ayesha Kashif!

    Thanks for your comment!
    Good to see you here too! Keep praying.
    I'm blogging for more than a year. You can find my other posts on the right bar.

    I've been encouraging eveyone to come towards online social media. It's growing day by day. As you know, I've been encouraging students to launch an "online brands".If they can't they should atleast share their ideas on blogs!

    Share your students to encouage them atleast!

  • Sidd_aj

    seems like one person has written all the comments.. :p

    all arguements are meaningless in the above article…. Milk can bhe use in any way… any one can get maximum of it… Olpers is not "tea whitner" that should only be limited to tea…

    whether it's Olpers or Milkpak or Haleeb or any milk… there is no such differentiation when it comes to NEED …..

  • Kamil Ali

    Thanks for your comment Sidd!
    I really appreciate your contribution in this discussion.

    Yes, you’re right in this regard that there is no differentiation when consumer is running after need. Needs are being fulfilled anyways, we can buy a private label of sugar, or open sugar from any small shop around the corner of our homes. Need is something like choosing among better oranges and apples to eat. If “Want” weren’t with us, we’d be buying on lowest possible cost or everyone would be an expert to buy the quality product. No brand name were required too, if need would be resolving the problems. Not much of an issue! A simple, happy life.

    If everyone always has wanted to fulfill needs, we wouldn’t have been facilitated with brands across the world.

    If you want to sell on needs only, you better have lower price. In other words, if you can’t differentiate yourself, you better have lower price. There’s no specialty in your brand, consumers have no reason to buy YOUR brand and not your competitors.

    Yes, I agree again that there are many ways of using any product. Yet, to burn your brand into consumer’s mind you have to be specialized in one attribute only, people would find variety of usage of your product. A brand should “stand for something” in the mind of consumers. One focus. One target market. One usage. (The problem with Olper’s is, it stands for everything, all purposes)

    For example: Safeguard stands for kid’s soap through its germs-free (antibacterial soap) revolution. One target market: Kids. What do you think? Elders are not using it or that soap is not for elders? In fact everyone can use it (and using). There’s no need to calculate stats for knowing market share. Have a trip to different stores. Ask them, which soap is the best selling? The “reason” of their answers would be “differentiation”

  • Sajid_tanveer

    hello how are u ? Olper is too good product in pakistan and realy i'm very happy bcause it is pure pakistani brand and Omore.