Top Three Types of People To Avoid In Marketing

Marketing Experience, Information or Knowledge! What’s important & why??

This question has been neglected by many graduates and experienced marketers. This point applies to almost every field we look into. So, dear readers just customized this article, while reading, to your field.
There are three types of people or groups out there:

1. Mostly, professionals say “In marketing, years of experience is enough.” Absurd!

2. Graduates say “We’re better than those experienced people, who can’t understand the theory and its applications” Ludicrous!

3. Third group is really interesting: They just chime in, they have no experience, and never went through business schools. They have just general observation of the marketplace or just read articles in newspapers, magazine or blogs, etc. And present their own viewpoints as considering business or marketing their own field. In short, they just have information (not knowledge) and love to share it and consider them “Mr. Know-it-All”

Well, the first 2 guys are really important, really adding to something. However, both groups need to learn something from each other:

Graduates! Recall the moment, for example, when the experienced professors had taught you the marketing course. I’m sure, most of them would be sharing their life long experiences, what’s right now going on in the marketplace (information) and when it comes to books they just told you what Philip Kotler is saying in his book, here’s the case study. In short, huge experience, but zero knowledge.

Kamil’s BONUS 1: These professors are dangerous who are creating failure graduates for marketplace and for the country.

Good news for students/graduates:

Students are at advantage! They will gain experience by the time. So, what to do right now?
Go read books, magazine, blogs, watch free online lectures!!! Your libraries of  your own universities are full of really good marketing books (literally). At this point, of time you can develop your knowledge then attack on the job market. If you want to take one step further, try to have a meeting with professionals, know there standpoints regarding to your field and graduates.

Kamil’s BONUS 2: One of the most practical question, “What are the problems you’ve been facing (in this field) and what are the suggestions for them” Now you can relate this question to customer care, sales, distribution, advertising, quality assurance, etc. Then see how can you solve these problems through your knowledge.

For newbies graduates, they have already into studying habit. While job hunting, they can also do the same as mentioned above.

As Sun Tzu said “First make yourself invincible then attack”

WARNING: Don’t be a victim of unauthentic authors! Here are some best authors to start with Al Ries, Laura Ries, Jack Trout and Seth Godin.

Good news for professionals:
Not a problem if you people don’t have much time. Read at least one article of an international authors, watch their online lectures for free, visit their blogs, have the free subscription. These people are too generous to give away knowledge for free! However, the best thing is to buy a book of an authentic authors and read only 1 page daily before going to bed.

(Same) WARNING: Don’t be a victim of unauthentic authors!

Here are some best authors to start with Al Ries, Laura Ries, Jack Trout and Seth Godin.

Recommendation for all:
1. Don’t listen to the third (Mr. Know-It All) group while reading blogs, newspapers, articles. You can get the milk out of water using your own expertise, as its your own field.

2. In short, in the light of above discussion, make yourself invincible through getting Knowledge + Experience.

3. Read books and blogs, etc. on your field + self-help, to filter it out what’s good for you. (I repeat the WARNING: Don’t be a victim of unauthentic anthers!)

Conclusion (MUST-READ):

According to my experience, if you follow these suggestions. A day will come you won’t be needing to attend any training or workshop programs conducted by your company or university. Even better, you will be able to challenge their (trainer’s or teacher’s) viewpoints confidently. I promise!

Did I miss something? Got ideas what more I could explain? Let me know in the comments below!