How Adsells Advertising can dominate its market leadership?

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Branding opportunities do not lie in the serving of existing market. Branding opportunities lie in the formation of new market. To make a powerful brand one needs to be first in the market with a new category. Adsells Advertising knows it well.They were first in outdoor advertisement category.(Even if they weren’t.It doesn’t matter! Adsells has positioned it self in the mind of consumer as a leader and that’s what all count in market leadership)

Adsells Advertising is Pakistan’s leading outdoor advertising company. 

If there is any company in Pakistan which did not loose its focus, perhaps it’s only Adsells. 

Who says that we don’t have any excellent examples in Pakistan? We can learn from
our own Pakistani brand! 

Adsells tells us how!

Focusing strategy works. It leads to specialization and then positioning, and hence your brand stands for the category.And that makes you a leader!!!


Ask yourself, what first brand comes into your mind when you talk about a category. 

Operating System
Energy Drink
Books on internet
Search engine
Relational database 

Well those would be: 

Microsoft Windows
Red Bull

And what about outdoor advertising? I believe Adsells Advertising.That’s the best merit! And that’s the best thing to lock an attribute in the consumer’s mind, by being first in the category. 

Being first in the category and remain focused has enormous advantage: 

1. They can reinforce their positioning by emphasizing on their leadership and positioning in outdoor category and remain leader forever. 

2. The advantage of leadership is its credibility. Adsells’ competitors can have same or better machinery but they cannot take the word leader away from them. 

3. They can charge higher prices. (except for some products) 

4. The same positioning may educate the companies or clients who might just coming to the market, over time clients will grow up and every multinational company would like to do business with them, Makro cash and carry is the recent example. 


1. Attacking your self and becoming stronger: 

Adsells can introduce new product by obsolescing the existing ones. The company’s machinery is not the competitive advantage not even 3M medias. To become invincible they need a sustainable or distinctive competitive advantage. Competition always tries to copy or introduce a new product in the market. Adsells can make it self invincible by continuously introducing new products.

Kamil’s BONUS 1:
“Attacking yourself” Its like moving target is impossible to aim.  

The “Attacking yourself” strategy may make short term profit lower, but in the long term it always save the market share, the ultimate weapon in any marketing battle.


The most important distinctive competitive advantage Adsells has:  To brag about the market leadership position. This the only thing competitors can not copy at any cost. To deepen it’s positioning and reminding customer that they are the best. 

After considering the above strategy. Adsells should come up with a new slogan, which shows their leadership in Pakistan. Adsells current slogan, “A tangible vision”, can’t sustain a Adsells leadership position. 

2. To enhance the stronghold and positioning: 

Adsells’ CEO should write a book on Adsells. My advise? Book name should be “Adsells Way” and make an attractive subtitle like,“The secret story success of Pakistan’s first outdoor advertising company” 

So, company will earn from both ends,(company’s profit and a book’s profit) Note: Book readership in Pakistan are getting larger every year. 
If not a book, at least, Adsells’ CEO, Abbas Mujahid, can launch Adsells or his personal blog to share his ideas and thoughts.

3. One brand, one identity:


If the company wants its brand to prosper in the long run it has to come up with different name for its other businesses and keep its base brand intact , Adsells, with the same positioning. 

4. To build a quality brand: 

You need three things, a narrow focus, a better name and a higher price. Adsells has all these attributes. Don’t negelect this!!! 

Rolex gives better time than a Timex? May be. Does it matter? May be not.

Does Ad Innovation do a better outdoor advertising than Adsells? May be. Does it matter? May be not.
So, dear friends at Adsells! Do care about prices. It does matter. But, don’t care about that too much! You’ve got a big strong leader brand! Your competitors may challenge you on all other attributes you could advertise:, e.g. performance but they cannot win on your leadership.


3. Don’t do it like JWT: 

According to the marketing guru Al Riese “There are two kinds of shorter. Visually shorter and verbally shorter. Advertising agencies tend to be visually oriented so, as you might suspect, they tend to emphasize the visual”. 

The JWT name is visually much shorter than J. Walter Thompson. But it’s not verbally shorter. 

Both are exactly the same length(five syllables).J-dou-ble-U-T. J-Wal-ter-Thomp-son. (Both have 5 Syllables) 

The verbal length of a brand name is more important than its visual length. That’s because brands are built primarily by word of mouth.  

Kamil’s BONUS 2: The shorter the verbal length, the easier it is for a consumer to pass along the name of the brand to friends, neighbors, relatives and business partners.


Adsells is a good name with only 3 syllables.(Don’t loose it!) 

Ad-sell-s (3 Syllables) 

Adsells sounds good, speakable, shorter and memorable. There are other characteristics of a good name. But these four characteristics are enough for them. 

Marketing situation in Pakistan today it’s getting worst. There are “large, diversified, brand extended products” . Some years back it was possible to build diversified company, but not today. The most successful companies in the world today have a narrow focus, and that’s the way to build a brand, ask Intel, Dell, Starbucks, P&G, Amazon and Adsells Advertising. 

Adsells! Just don’t loose focus.
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